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Do you think you're just average and can't grow? You're not and I'll prove it! Hopefully this goes a long way in helping you on your journey of success. It may not be readily apparent to you but it does put you in the more successful minority.

Get this. The average person buys only one book a year. Appalling, isn't it? Furthermore, they read only one chapter, if that. If you've only purchased one book this year, get another one in the success genre. Continue growing yourself, rising above the crowd.

Consider that most people aren't happy with their job or work situation. The ideal scenario, of course, is to love what you do and the environment in which you're doing it. If you don't, however, decide that it's only temporary. Know you can handle it for the time being, as long as you're doing it to support someone you love or until you achieve a certain goal. That attitude puts you above average. You may not love your job, but you love the reason you're still doing it.

Your job may require a lot of overtime, and it may be hard work. Perhaps it's enabled you to pay your bills, but you may realize it won't get you where you want to go long-term. If you dislike or hate what you do, look to transition out of it--even if doing it has earned you a lot of money! Would you want your tombstone to read, "He made a lot of money but died a stressed-out, unhappy, unfilled person. He didn't do what was inside of him to do. Sure, he made a lot of money, but he missed the boat. He missed the joy of life"? How sad is that?

Confidently go forward in the direction of your greatest dream. Use the one and only life you have, and the opportunities you've been given, and let your uniqueness shine through.