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What is Netbox Browser?
Netbox Browser is a browser software first built on the Netbox blockchain network, but functions the same as other browsers, especially to open the web, but Netbox browser can privacy users on the internet and can also provide security from malicious actors. Nexbox is a fork of the Chromium wallet, built by blockchain company Netbox Global in 2019. The Netbox app is available for Desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone (GooglePlay).

Netbox browser also offers advanced features such as: Blockchain gaming, DAPP Store, Cryptocurrency news, Lottery, Staking Pool, Multicryptowallet, DeFi, Netbox.Pay and Netbox bridge that allow users to work across multiple chains such as the Ethereum blockchain, Binance smart chain and netbox.

Get Rewards While Surfing
I have used many browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Tor etc., did not get anything, but if we surf the Netbox browser and every time we open the Trendri forum site, we will get a reward in the form of NBX coin which ranks 1743 on Coinmarketcap, the current price of NBX coin is $0.01985, Max Supply 100 million NBX, Circulating Supply 76,445,622.04 NBX. NBX coin is listed on the exchanges Crex24, Stex, Hotbit, Cointiger and Cryptonator.

To get paid every day we don't need to click on ads (like in Brave browser), or do some tasks, we just need to open the browser and actively surf by opening any site you like.

How to Join,
1. Download/Install Netbox browser
2. Register
3. Create wallet and save personal Key
4. To get from multiple devices use the same login account
5. Start surfing and get rewards

If you want to join under me, using my reflink, feel free to pm me.


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Wow. That is really nice. I have heard some browsers that have this powerful installed as they pay for using their browser. I recently encountered Brave browser but I have not given it a try. There were so many reviews about it and it turned me off to some extent. But I will give this a try. I love the fact that it is listed on many exchanges


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I heard about netbox browser in a forum, maybe it was on this forum that I read about this rewarding browser. I use brave and I have not reached the withdrawal threshold yet. Therefore, I am not very hopeful about this browser, so I never checked it out. Perhaps, I should.


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I just performed a quick research on Netbox Browse. Everything looks interesting. I think I am going to use this. Since this is free and I do not lose any money to use this browser, there is no harm in trying this browser. I will try using this on my computer.