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MyAddsUp is a Pay Per Click (PTC) and Revenue Share Platform which basically means you get paid to watch ads. Every day between 17:00 and 18:00 hours 20 paid ads are posted and 5 bonus ads that gives you bonus ad points. You are paid per ad and the amount you earn per ad is determined on which group you are currently in.

There are thirteen groups and all groups have a range for ad points. The ad points are calculated based on the conversion; 1 ad pack = 3080 ad points. The grouping is as follows:

Pros Vs. Cons

My Adds Up comes with more Pros than Cons and that is a good sign, you seldom find these with programs these days. My Adds Up offers daily withdrawals as soon as you reach the minimum $5 threshold or $15 for bitcoin. Withdrawals are usually processed within 24 hours and you are notified via email of the payment.

Here is a breakdown of the Pros and Cons of My Adds Up:

  • Inexpensive you can start with as little as $1
  • Instant withdrawal — Once you have reached the payment threshold you can add your payeer, perfect money or bitcoin address information anytime of the day.
  • 1 ad pack is equivalent to 100 real views to your website.
  • You earn up to 154% of your investment that is id you invest $100 you will earn $154
  • Site is straightforward and all the necessary information is accessible.
  • Support is accessible
  • The Owner is accessible, through support and the MyAddsUp Facebook Group
  • You can earn up to $726 per day.
  • Can earn 100% without referring anyone.
  • Referrals increase your earnings and can help you level up
  • Work for 5 minutes per day.
  • Activating your account with $1 gives you $0.12 per day in order to break the $1 barrier you have to activate at least 17 ad packs which is equivalent to $17 or ‭52,360‬ ad points.
  • Everyday Ad points are deducted and after these deductions if you are not above the minimum number of ad points for that group you are pushed to a lover group that has a lower daily earning.
  • Training is available but only through your sponsor, the Facebook group or the Facebook messenger group chat.
  • The system is not easy to understand and sometimes this seems not to be user-friendly
  • You have to repurchase ad packs to maintain the group (This is a Pro and a Con because when you purchase ad packs you get more traffic to your link).
These are the Pros and Cons I have identified so far and I will be updating them as more arise, please feel free to add the once I have missed in the comments below. Who is My Adds Up Intended for?

Based on my experience My adds Up is for people who have some money and have the patience to compound it. If you are into cryptocurrency My Adds Up is perfect for you. If you have money more than you do time then yes My Adds Up is for you. If you want to earn without selling or referring then take a look at MyAddsUp.

This system is intended for persons who are currently involved in other affiliate projects and want more traffic, if you have never made any money online and would want something safe to try. If you a complete Newbie or a Seasoned Affiliate Marketer My Adds Up is Intended for you. My Adds Up Tools & Training

The only training that’s offered comes from your Sponsor, the MyAddsUp Facebook Group and the Facebook Messenger Group. The Only Training the site offers is the How it Works Page.

Though there is a significant lack of training this is still a strong transparent system, will a large community. Does My Adds Up Offer Any Support?

Support is offered through the Support link on the page, You open a support ticket and the Owner Mindy Davis will respond within 24 hours. What is the Price of MyAddsUp?

You can start with $1 but to start earning a significant income I would recommend Starting at $31 for a daily earning of $2.70 or $60 for earning $4.90.

]My Final Thoughts on MyAddsUp

I heard about this program when it was in pre launch and I signed up but ignored it, when I started seeing the videos with the payment proofs that’s when I actually started looking into it. Overall this is a Legit Money Making Opportunity and if you are looking to make some money online you should really take a look at MyAddsUp.

Again, My Overview

Name: My Adds Up
Website: myaddsup
Price: $1
Owner: Mindy Davis
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

VERDICT: Totally Legit, 100% workable, Worth a look-see

Do you have a personal review or complaint that you would like to share about My Adds Up? If you do, I would appreciate it if you could leave your comments/experiences below! Thanks!

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