Medicine as a career: Things to consider

A few things to think of when choosing medicine as a career path...
Yes, alot of youths or young aspiring children look at doctors and nurses and wish to be like them but they do not consider the process required to attain that good height. As a student who wants to study medicine as a career, you needs to ask yourself certain questions and as well answer them within you.
Some of the questions to ask yourself includes but not limited to;
1. I'm I good at biology in school?
2. I'm I good at chemistry in school?
3. I'm I comfortable seeing blood and dead bodies?
4. Do I have a caring heart?
All these and more are what you should ask yourself. It will help evaluate who you really are and help see if you match that career of studying medicine


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Great write ups, the intending students must also figure out the financial strength, because medicine is capital intensive