Managing your Finances!


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It is barely known and well experience of everyone including myself that facing the difficulty on managing your finances especially when you are the bread winner in the family. However. It will be all about the discipline I guess. And remember that it is not depending on the amount of money you earned but it depends upon on the amount of money you saved.

For me, the most effective way for me in saving is doing the 52 Weeks Challenge. It requires self discipline and thinking about that 52 weeks or 1 year of saving will be hard at first YES, but for me it serve as the tool to practice my saving skills because of doing this I have my hard earned money put into safer place and for future usage that I can use whether it is an emergency or leisure one.

I manage my finances aside from y saving by easily and reminding myself that it must be NEEDS vs 10x WANTS (means I will think 10 times if my wants will be more beneficial for me or its just a display for now) ..Well for me it is a good practice too. I learned to save a little more ..

How about you what are your useful techniques in Saving and Managing your Finances.


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Managing finances is never easy not with all the good things of life at our disposal to acquire and the humongous urge to live the good life and the unfortunate thing is that living the good life is very expensive and if one indulges in that saving wouldn't be easy especially if one income Is limited and small.

The sure bet is going mostly for what one needs and is very essential and not what we want.Going for luxuries and frivolities would definitely hurt our pockets and ultimately reduce our savings.So buying a little and saving more is the way to go.


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One thing which I have told myself that I need to master is never to be too extravagant with spending. I would only buy the things that are necessary for me to buy and not just anything that I want because it's the only way ensure that I can be able to mange my finances and be able to save money.

At the end of the every month, I try as much as possible to get at least 10% of all my earnings and have it saved for future purposes and projects.


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For that situation, you better try getting a small loan at something like to cover the first few months of the previous one. That will reduce the stress of your current financial situation an will make closing the deal available. Then you will decide what to do later, it's an okay situation you can deal with it.
Once you have written down your financial goals, prioritize them. This ensures that you are paying the most attention to the ones that are of the highest importance to you. You can also list them in the order you want to achieve them, but a long-term goal like saving for retirement requires you to work towards it while also working on your other goals.
Your budget is one of the biggest tools that will help you succeed financially. It allows you to create a spending plan so you can allocate your money in a way that will help you to reach your goals.
You can make your budget as high-level or detailed as you want, as long as it helps you reach your ultimate goal of spending less than you earn, paying off any debts, padding your emergency fund, and saving for the future.


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If we do not plan, then we plan to fail in financal. Have a financial goal. Need to know your financial goals. What do you want at retirement age? Will savings for retirement be sufficient if taken into account the factors of rising cost of living, inflation that year-on-year? Have enough income. If we do not have enough income, it is difficult to have savings because of the rising cost of living Save before spent. Income needs to be saved and invested before being spent Formula: Income - Savings = Spent Make a wise investment. The savings we have made are among others to be invested capital. For example, the investment should be compounding interest.


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I think that the most effective way to manage our finances is self control. It is always better to discipline one's self in any aspect in life. It will help us grow and be better with what we have. We need to prioritize our needs and never be impulsive. It is right to save and be thrifty. We need to keep in mind to spend money wisely.

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Managing finance is a good discipline. make a note of all the purchases and the money you earned, So you will know the money remained for savings. if you do this for each month you will get great experience in managing the finances. you will also save more than before


managing finances is another task after earning suitable amount. you need to save for sure not for your old age benefits but to be organized and discipline. it gives you also finical freedom while being skilled. if you are looking for startup ideas please visit
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