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If you have writing skills and are looking to generate income from home, this article will surely be of use to you, since today we are going to talk about how to make money writing from the comfort of your home and without having to invest a single euro. I want you to discover the best pages and the most reliable methods 😉

Before you get scared, I will tell you that you don't have to be a Ken Follet or a JK Rowling, but simply a person who likes to write, write, or create content for yourself or for a third party. Nothing more!

Depending on the type of writer you want to be, you can make more or less profit, but making money writing is a real possibility that thousands of people are already taking advantage of today. The advantages are many and varied.

As for the necessary requirements, they are minimal: an Internet connection, a PC, (a mobile or a tablet can also be used) and of course, a lot of desire to work .

I started writing online more than five years ago and I am more than satisfied, since, in addition to having earned a lot of money, my level of writing and writing has improved a lot 😎

Get paid to write articles? How much will I earn?

Before you start to get excited and think what it is not, I have to tell you that making a living writing online is not a bargain, but rather a normal and current job where the income you generate will be directly proportional to the work you do. Come on, as in any normal job.

It is true that the advantages are quite interesting, such as the possibility of working from home, without schedules, without bosses and completely at your own pace. Nobody has become a millionaire (that I know of) writing on the Internet, but if you can earn a decent salary and also accompanied by a better quality of life .

Another aspect to note is that, although anyone can try to make the leap to writing online, not everyone will achieve the same results. Writing well is an art, and depending on your level, you can go more or less far.

My personal opinion is that, if you get bitten by this thing about making money writing on the Internet, don't hesitate and give it a try . You will not lose anything and yet you can achieve great results 😉

The 8 most popular methods to earn money writing

Without further ado, we are going to break down the eight best known and most reliable ways to generate income from home thanks to online writing. Lets GO! 😛

► 1. Create your own blog

If your goal is to make your writing skills profitable in the long term, the best option without any doubt is to create your own blog. You decide when, how and what to write at all times, without haste, without ties, and without anyone to set the guidelines for what you should do and what not.

Another great advantage is that you will be able to write about what you really like and / or are passionate about, which will always give your articles an added quality. Writing about something that motivates you is not the same as writing about something you don't have the slightest interest in, right?

That was one of the reasons that personally motivated me to create this blog, since the world of online business has always fascinated me and I thought (and I still think), that I could contribute something interesting to many people interested in the same thing as me.

In addition, although in the short term writing on your own blog may not be profitable, with the passage of time this will change radically. Working for others can bring you income to a greater or lesser extent, but they will never provide you with the benefits that a blog can generate over time.

As if this were not enough, creating a blog today is an easy task and suitable for any type of person. The information on the Internet about this topic is enormous, so even if you don't have the slightest knowledge, you can create your blog without any complications.

► 2. Create content

Once you have your blog running, it will be time to start writing and creating content to achieve the goal of generating income. The ways to achieve this are several:

Monetization through affiliate platforms such as Tradetracker , ShareAsale, Daisycon , Commission Junction, etc.

Insert ads through CPC platforms. The best and most famous in the world is Google Adsense and it is very easy to use.

Sell your own services or infoproducts.

• Publish promoted articles . As soon as your blog has some visibility, many people will contact you to publish their products or services. Remember that it is your blog, so you decide what to publish and what not, and of course, at what price 😉

You can also use platforms like Publisuites (I'll talk about it in more detail below), where you can offer your blog to anyone who is interested in writing on it.

► 3. Publish your own ebook

This method is a little more difficult but not impossible. Here you will need more time because a good book is not written overnight, in addition to the necessary promotional work so that people know that you exist, hehe.

What many people do is create an ebook after being known thanks to their blog, so having done the previous step will give you a beastly advantage. When you have a website with a large following, selling a book is obviously much easier.

Logically, this step is not mandatory, and you can start writing an ebook without having anything behind. Afterwards, you can use platforms like Amazon, Lulu or Bubok to publish your book with hardly any expenses .

► 4. Translate texts into other languages

Have you masterered a language other than your native one? If so, there you have another excellent opportunity to earn money writing from home. Needless to say, you really have to master the language for real, it is not enough to speak "Spanglish" or strange things 😛

For crappy translations, there are already online translators, right? To generate income in this way, you have to offer a quality , and that is only achieved by having a good vocabulary of your native language and mastering another foreign language almost perfectly.

To offer your services in this field, you will have to register for free on various platforms (I will put a list below), in addition to building a good reputation by doing good translations and meeting the deadlines.

► 5. Get in touch with other bloggers

This method is a bit more tedious but not without interest. It is simply about getting in touch with other bloggers to offer them your services. It is as simple as looking for the contact section and sending the corresponding presentation email.

An important detail to keep in mind is that the ideal is to contact those who have blogs on topics in which you have certain knowledge.

For example, if I wanted to provide this service, the first thing I would do would be to contact all bloggers who have a website about making money online . Logical, right? It will always be much easier to write about something you control than something you have no idea about 😉

On the Internet you will find many pages and forums where you are looking for people who create content for blogs where the owners do not have time to do so.

► 6. Offer your services on specific portals

As I have commented previously, I am going to present a list with the different pages where you can register for free and offer your services as an editor, writer and translator. They are as follows:

1.- Fiverr

• This is one of the best known pages to offer your services as a freelancer. It has a very large community with enormous possibilities, although with a lot of competition and a somewhat reduced remuneration for work (here known as GIG) (from $ 5).

Of all the pages you will see below, this is without a doubt my favorite. In addition, in the beginning I managed to earn money writing opinions, a service that is not in demand now but that at that time was a reef but as a beginner consider other options.

2.- Artigoo

• Artigoo is a very simple way to earn money writing. You simply have to publish content and you will receive 50% of what is generated with the advertising that is on the web. The design is quite outdated and the interface is very poorly maintained, but for now it is still paying.

As a really negative fact, the website does not have an SSL certificate, so it is not recommended to enter personal data that is too sensitive.

3.- Globedia

Globedia is an interesting collaborative newspaper where you can make yourself known and receive donations from your readers. Although I do not recommend spending a lot of effort on it, it is always important that your name is visible on as many sites as possible (even if it is free at first).

For example, I have a friend who started to earn money writing stories thanks to the fact that he established a relationship with one of the users of this platform, who had a website on this subject and needed the services of an expert editor in the field. Opportunities appear if you look for them! 😛

4.- Muobo

Muobo is a search engine for writing and copywriting offers. It works like an ad portal, so you will simply have to publish your services. Apart from making money writing online, you can do it in many other ways.

However, I recommend you check the job offers well, since there are some that are real scams (because of how poorly they are paid).

5.- Textbroker

This is one of the best platforms today to earn money writing texts, stories and articles. In addition to offering your services, you can also hire those of other people.

6.- TextMaster

Textmaster is a platform that has been online since 2011. You will find jobs of all kinds for editors, writers and content reviewers. Although registration is completely free, you will have to pass an initial evaluation test.

The earnings will depend a lot on the type of work for which you are hired, from which you must subtract the commission that the web will apply to you for management and intermediation. On the other hand, the minimum payment is situated at 50 euros and the only withdrawal method is PayPal.

7.- Freelancer

• Freelancer is another very interesting website to find and offer all kinds of online writing and writing services. Companies as important as Intel, Microsoft or Boeing use it, so if you are looking for pages to earn money writing that are reliable, you should take a look.

In addition, the website has a job search engine divided into 1,350 different categories, something extremely useful for freelancers and companies looking for very specific jobs and / or services 😮

8.- We Are Content

• This was founded in 2015 and was born with the idea of satisfying the great demand for content in different digital media (web pages, social networks, blogs, etc.). Since then, it has grown remarkably and has positioned itself as a good content marketing platform.

However, you should know that it is a fairly demanding platform. For example, in the registration process you must accredit your experience as a writer and show some examples of your publications (whether from your blog or from other media). If you are accepted, you will find three levels to access the different jobs.

To apply for a job, you must send an offer with 30% of the text required by the client, which can choose between 5 proposals submitted. If you are chosen, you will receive your payment promptly through bank transfer or PayPal.

Apart from the possibility of earning money writing articles, you also have the option to register as a multimedia content provider and earn income by creating videos, audios, animations, images, etc. The truth is that it is a fairly complete site.

10.- Twago

Twago is the largest freelance platform in Europe. Creating a basic account is totally free, although you also have the option of obtaining some improvements with a paid account. In either case, the important thing is to create a good personal profile so that Twago customers can find you and get to know you.

The website has a search engine for collaborators based on their skills , so it is important that you reflect yours in a detailed and exact way (latest work, experience, a photograph, etc). The more complete your profile, the more likely you are that a client will contact you.

Regarding the payment method, the website has its own secure gateway (SafePay), although you are free to negotiate with the client how to receive the money.

To consider

Registration on all these types of pages is completely free. Payments are always received at the end of the job, never in advance . The most used means are usually PayPal and bank transfer, although sometimes you will find others such as Skrill and credit card.

► 7. Become a copywriter

One of the most requested jobs today is undoubtedly that of a copywriter. And what is this? Basically, it is about writing extremely persuasive texts whose final objective is to generate the highest number of sales, leads, conversions, etc.

Large portals and Internet companies look for this type of people to get the most out of their landing pages or promoted articles. The difference between a normal text and one of these characteristics is abysmal.

For this reason, great copywriters are in high demand and come to charge outrageous. And, apart from writing well, with their texts they are able to convince a person to take a certain action, such as the purchase or acquisition of a product or service.

In the following video from the Semrush channel, Rosario Peiró explains step by step what copywriting is and how to start writing well from scratch.

► 8. Social media manager

Today, having a good social media manager is essential for large companies or people with millions of followers. Managing an account of these characteristics is not easy and you need one person (or more) full time.

Apart from mastering the operation of all social media, a good manager also has to know how to communicate through good use of writing . The reason is obvious. Apart from the support and communication with his followers, it has to be a person who is able to captivate and persuade with his words.

Many companies need just that, people who are capable of attracting and retaining an audience, thus achieving, offer updated information and show content that is useful and interesting to their followers (who, in turn, are potential customers).

So, if you consider yourself a specialist in the art of writing or copywriting, do not hesitate to offer your services to large companies or entrepreneurs with several accounts on social networks and who are unable (due to lack of time) to manage them on their own. themselves 😉

How to work writing articles from home

Now that you know the best methods to earn money writing books, articles and texts from home, I am going to give you some tips that will come in handy to draw up a long-term work strategy.

1 No excuses . It is not necessary to have any kind of knowledge or special ability to start in this world, just know how to read and write.

2 Focus . Find a niche that you like and in which you have a good knowledge base. Writing about topics that you do not master or worse still, that you do not like, will only bring you bad results and frustration.

3 Specialize . You never know enough about any topic, so once you have chosen the topic you are going to write about, look for additional information and don't stop learning. The Internet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge that can make you an expert in many fields.

4 Read to your competition . One of the best ways to learn to write well is by reading competing articles. If you want to be a good copywriter, you must study how the best in your sector write.

5 Get started now . The best way to learn something is to practice and practice. This is something that I can assure you first hand. Since I started in this world, my ability to write has improved substantially, and the main reason has been that I have not stopped writing for 5 years. As the saying goes,

"Practice makes a master".

Conclusions and personal opinion

As you have seen, the possibilities to earn money writing online are quite great. It is simply necessary that you like to write and take the leap. You can use this medium to earn extra money on a monthly basis or take it more seriously and make it your main source of income.

Whatever you decide, you should know that it is not an easy path. Writing online requires a lot of work and patience, so before embarking on any project, set goals and objectives for yourself .

The closest example I can give you is mine. My goal when I created this blog was to turn it into a source of income in addition to my work. It has been more than five years since then and it is a long time since I achieved my goal.

No one can assure you that you will succeed in this difficult world of writing work , but if you don't try, you will never be able to find out. Do not you think? 😛


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Thank you for your recommendations, currently they will help us a lot due to the situation that we were currently experiencing in any country due to covid-19