Legit And Free Ways To Earn Bitcoin


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There are many ways to earn bitcoin. Some are legit while many are scams. In this writing, I will show you the legit and freeways of getting paid with bitcoin.
These are:

crypto tab browser
Crypto tab browser is the world's first bitcoin mining software. It is fast and safe. You can earn bitcoin by using it to chat Facebook, tweet on twitter, watch videos, play games etc
This browser also gives you an opportunity to mine bitcoin.
You can download it on your laptop and use it. It is also available on google play store for android phone users

Brave browser is one of my favorite browsers because it is 3x faster than chrome. It is safe and fast. You get rewarded for using it to do all your online activities such as shopping, watching films, watching lectures, chatting on Facebook etc. With the browser, hackers cannot hack your account or get your private information. With brave bowser your online presence is secure. You can also download it on the google play store.

free bitcoin
Free bitcoin is another software that lets you earn bitcoin. The amount of bitcoin you earn depends mainly on how serious you are with making money.
If you take it seriously, there is a chance that you earn a lot.

As I said earlier, there are many ways to earn bitcoin, beware of those unreliable ways that are ready to waste your time and get you frustrated. If you want more legit ways to get paid with bitcoin, join forums that are related to bitcoin earning and ask questions about the legit ways to earn bitcoin. Surely, you will get the best answers.


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These browsers pay a very small amount of bitcoin. I think microlancer.io which is a micro job site is a good option to earn free bitcoin.


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They pay very small but i dont think using brave browser is a big deal. Just use it as your default browser and you dont have to do anything else.