Is food blogging profitable?


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Food blogs are very Common online. Women usually engage in food bloggers because everything they post on the blog revolve around cooking baking and related things.

Some of them set up food blogs to share their experience about the life in the kitchen. They talk about some of the cooking utensils they use while preparing different recipes.

Some men are also running food blogging but most of them usually have the support of their wives.

I have seen food bloggers who are making money from Amazon associate has agreed a review some of the utensils used in preparing dishes.

Some of the cooking gadgets they are reviewing on food blogs are expensive. So I want to ask that is food blog profitable?


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Well I will say it is profitable because it deals with something everyone can relate with: food. So I think food blogging is a good idea. However, one needs to be creative and use a peculiar approach so that it will stand out from the rest. Best of luck to you if you are interested in trying it out.


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Definitely food blogging is very lucrative provided you know your onions in the field period there are numerous people around the world looking to cook different types of foods and if you are able to write something meaningful then you'll be getting a whole lot of traffic. It will be even better if you can complement it with a YouTube channel.


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Nice one and if you are thinking of making more progress with this niche as a blogger then you should understand how to cook all recipes of countries all over the world. this will make you to have contents to post all the time and this will also generate you the required traffic that is necessary to make money.