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Internet has become the major tool to make good money nowadays. This is because as civilization keeps on growing, the idea of making money also increases and one of the cool and easy way to make money is by using the internet because using the internet to make money, one will never struggle much nor sweat.

Almost all companies and internet money makers uses their own websites which help their job more effective, easy and fast. But when working on a website that has a slow page loading one at time becomes annoyed.
Therefore, is better to have an internet hosting site that will manage your website.
This hosting site must at least have these qualities:

1. Great Uptime Through 12-Months(99.96%)

Uptime is one of the most critical aspects when choosing a web host — after all, if your site is down, your users can’t access it. So, consistent uptime should be one of your top priorities when looking at hosting services.

After reviewing over 40 web hosts, our benchmark for “good” uptime is 99.93%. So ideally, we don’t want to see anything less than that.

The hosting site must easily surpasses this benchmark, comfortably keeping our test site live for 99.96% of the time during the last 12 months (February 2020 to January 2021). The total downtime was a bit less than four hours for the whole year.


2. Fast Page Loading Speed (641 ms)

“As page load time goes from 1s to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%.”

This translates to your visitors being 32% more likely to leave your site. And it only gets worse with longer page load times.

Furthermore, Google is more geared towards mobile-first indexing. This means that your site also needs to be optimized for mobile users, or otherwise, you’re losing traffic.

Either way, a slow website almost always means less traffic and, therefore, lower sales numbers. So right after uptime, page loading time is the second most important thing that can make or break your website’s success.

Your test site with hosting site must at least has offered an average load speed of 641 ms over the past year. While it isn’t competing for the top positions, it isn’t bad either.

3. Packed with Security Options and Features

Your hosting site must be one of the “cheapest” options on the market, we are pleased to see that they don’t cut too many corners on critical security options and features.

Already with the cheapest plan, your hosting site must provides your site with a free SSL certificate. You also get access to great features like a free CDN (Cloudflare), a one-click WordPress install, multiple CMS integrations, and additional eCommerce plugins.

Higher-tier plans come with the Spam Experts add-on, domain privacy protection, and server backups. Also, you get more advanced security features such as SiteLock, which helps prevent malware attacks. Codeguard is another form of protection, which provides daily backups so you can roll back previous versions of a site, should it get hacked. Postini, from Google, is the final security tool worth noting. It provides spam protection for your email, so anything suspicious is prevented from getting into your inbox.

4. Easy to Use for Beginners

Some of the web hosts can be considered the best only if you’re an advanced user. But, web host must be a great for beginners, too.

Their customer portal is intuitive and clean (although, we have experienced it is a bit slow at times). And the layout of the cPanel control panel makes web host even easier to use. Beginners can easily install and start WordPress through cPanel. All you need to do is point and click in most cases.
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You have written a very interesting article. While trying to host any website, you have carefully highlighted some features to be put in place in order to have the best of the web hosting. There are many sites that fail that number two factors. They don't load quickly.


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Site can be downtime not due to himself or error in code or maintenance it can be due to many factors then the first factor is hoster maintenance so hosting company when making upgrades or daily maintenance your hosted website under their hosting will show that it is under maintenance and this can be really bad if it is frequent and second thing is due to huge number of visitors so some CDN and hoster limit you to up to 1000 visitors connected so having more will slow down the website unfortennally.