Importance of caree planning in industry


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By planning for the future and setting a specific timeline for accomplishing the things we want to achieve, we will find that our career plan is an effective way to ensure you never lose motivation along the way. Having a career plan can help us design our future the way we would like it, but can also be flexible enough to change when our personal ambitions and goals do.


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Totally agree ! Career planning is crucial in our lives, it's a plan that everybody must work on. People who don't plan at all or don't plan enough or even plan unrealisticall will end up -in most cases- wasting time and effort and eventually they will find themselves lost in life. I think parents should also help their children and clarify to them the importance of planning whether in daily life or when it comes to careers in order to save them much time,effort and confusion when they grow up, that way they will have stable future and live comfortable life doing something they really love.