Human body disorders!

Syeda Sayra

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• Human body comprises of cell :
_ These cells have different metabolic activities to perform in our body but there are many of disorders that are cause by these cells as in case of any abnormalities of some cells ..

. Here
are some disorders and their effects and also how to prevent it are available :
1. Disorder - 50% of cell is comprised of cholesterol (fats) that is a main disorder of human in person .
Effect - This may effects your health and makes you a fatty person .
Prevention - Walk a little at sunlight .
-. Eat less oily or fast foods .
- Drink water in an enough quantity .
- Be and think happy things while eating .


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People are not aware of some food and they don't even mind what they drink. They consume fatty foods without even thinking of the effects of what they are doing. Eating too much food with cholesterol is like harming the body because it will take too much stress for the body to digest and metabolize these foods.