How to prevent malaria.


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Malaria is a sickness that is caused due to sucking of blood from an insect called mosquito.when it sucks the blood it affect the body and in that case making you have to prevent it one has to close the door of the house during the day because if you don't close it mosquitoes can easily enter because they are tiny insect and when they enter you cannot see them so always close the door to your house.also always use net before sleeping they help to prevent mosquito from sucking the blood.also try to always dust your clothes mosquitoes are tiny and when they enter the house you will not when you wear the clothes they can easily suck the blood and infect you with this things to prevent malaria and also to keep your body healthy.


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There is always a need to prevent ourselves from malaria in order to live a healthy life. This is why we need to make sure we do away with stagnant water to stop the breeding of mosquitoes.


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It might really be very difficult for people to prevent malaria entirely because it is among Us , There are some things we have to do such as sleeping under a treated mosquito net, this will prevent yourself from getting exposed to mosquitoes at night, our surrounding is also very important and there should not be any water bodies in our surrounding.


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We can prevent mosquito by fleeting the house at least twice in a day and also make sure all the drainage around you are clean


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The use of mosquito net is also a good idea for getting rid of mosquito because they won't be able to touch you through the net


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We have a lot ways that we can use to prevent malaria like by using mosquito fleet, mosquito net or mosquito repellent


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We should be fleeting the house at least twice in a day it will prevent mosquitoes from staying in the house


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How to prevent malaria by cleaning all our environment and uses of mosquito fleet ,we can even use mosquito repellent to rub our body