How To Make Money With Streaming Website?


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In case you don't know. Streaming website is a website where you can watch a live event going on around the world. Streaming websites usually cover live sport events like football, boxing, wrestling etc.

A while ago, one of my brothers in the same street as mine contacted me the other day, asking me some questions on how I am trying to make money online. I let him know some of the things I am doing to make money online.

He told me that he is building a streaming website that is receiving a lot of traffic from United States and United kingdom. But his problem is how to make money from the streaming website.

So I want to ask that how can someone make money from a streaming website?


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I think your friend should learn about Google adsense and other platforms that can allow people monetize their blogs or videos. Before someone can create such platforms that can get a lot of traffic from United States and United kingdom, then the person should have learnt some of these things.


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Nowadays, artistes only uploaded their musics and albums on some website that allow streaming instead of the one where they can download the musics. This will tell you that there are many involved while you stream online. But the fact is that one still need to contact Google adsense to monitise the website.


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If you are going to be providing live streaming services on your website then I think the best shot for monetization that you have is to use pay-per-view advertisement. You can design it in such a way that the people who are streaming will be viewing ads at the same time for your benefit.