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Hello, how are you in the online survey business? I hope you are still enthusiastic about doing the survey. here I will share a little inspiration for online survey lovers.

The inspiration this time is about a survey site called SurveyTime, SurveyTime is one of my favorite survey sites, i very happy to working on this site, maybe you've heard of it or even joined.

What is SurveyTime?

Just for information, SurveyTime is a simple survey site that pays you to do surveys provided by the company. Of course this survey will affect the development of the company.

Why i chose SurveyTime?

1. Because this site is very simple and no need to install application.

2. SurveyTime have big rewards, $1/survey is awesome.

3. This site also pay you instantly in the end of survey, in a minutes your rewards will sent to your bank (PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon)

4. Many surveys, if you check it regularly.

How much does surveytime pay?

You will be paid $1 every time you complete a survey, although sometimes there are surveys with a prize of $0.5 when the main survey is not available, but you will find more $1 surveys.

So, let's get to the first point, what's a simple strategy to earn $150/day from SurveyTime?

1. Complete 5 surveys with a reward of $1/survey every day. Yes it sounds easy enough, but in fact you need to prepare a good strategy to achieve this target.

2. At least you have to understand how to selected to enter the survey qualification, you can learn this on each survey site.

3. Then make a target, usually I start in the morning with a cup of coffee and a few cigarettes, I know what I have to do, which is logging into the Surveytime site and hunting for available surveys.

4. Once I find a survey available, make sure you can qualify and believe that you will complete it, sometimes faith makes us really get it.

5. After the first survey is completed, you need to complete 4 more surveys, if you check the SurveyTime site regularly, you will get 3 to 7 surveys every day, it's based on personal experience.

I expect 5 surveys to be completed in one session and to finish one cup of coffee and 5 cigarettes, but sometimes I have to check the availability of surveys by back to site in a few minutes, even every hour, while doing other activities.

And when I find a survey available, I will be alone to do it as soon as possible if I am busy, yes, the target of 5 surveys / day is easy and sometimes a little difficult if you have limited time in a day.

If in one day you manage to reach the target of 5 surveys, you will earn $ 5 / day, so one month will generate a total of $ 150.

It is the simplest method to make $150/month from Surveytime. Maybe you have another method to earn more? please write your answers and experiences in the answer column.

If you are not yet a SurveyTime member and are interested in joining, please read more about the full review of SurveyTime and how to join here:

Copy this url:

Hopefully it will be an inspiration for those of you who like online survey work.


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Definitely. I have realised that trying to make money from survey platforms in this part of the world is a total waste of time because last year I ventured into so many of them, I could not make any reasonable amount of money. I think paid to post platforms is much more profitable than online surveys especially for people in this part of the world.
You're right, at the moment paid to post site is the best way of making money online without much hassle provided you can read and write and talk about meaningful things online.
As for surveys they're simply considering the top tier country users instead of both top tier and lower tier country users. That's why I'm not in for such gamble when I realized its not for me there.


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150 dollars a month answering survey ?
If you can make it happen, I can say you're great person. According to my experience most of the surveys site is very difficult to complete, actually the question is very simple but it's complicated. At the end of the question, it's showing that I'm not qualify for the survey without telling which question is I answered wrong.


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I believe in her, I earn the same amount but sometimes there is no survey at all. Maybe 100-120$ per month ?