How to create artificial demand for a product?


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How to create artificial demand for a product?
A step-by-step guide with practical tips Let's say you have a product.
You need to convince your target audience that your product is the best. (This guide can be transferred to any other product, but we will try to compile it on a watch for young people.)
Let's imagine that there is a certain group of people. They don't even think about buying your product, but they will surely have some kind of opinion leader. An opinion leader is a public person, whose thoughts and actions are followed by quite a few people. These can be Hollywood stars and beauty bloggers on YouTube. The important thing is that they appear to this group of people as some kind of demigods.
What the leader consumes is what the entire group of followers wants. Find these people in your area and offer them barter. But the higher the leader's level, the more needs he has. You can just provide your product, and the leader will be glad to have the opportunity to review it, and someone will demand 50 tr. just for the mention.
After this stage, you can start creating a wave of artificial consumption of the product. Find several popular communities, Instagram profiles in your city. Generate as much photo content as possible and distribute as fast as you can. An uninterested person should be interested in "why is everyone consuming this product and I am not?"
It should look like one day half of the city's residents started using your product. Remember the photo of the queue outside the first McDonald's? People didn’t really know what hamburgers were.
In addition to photo content, you need to attend to video content. You ask "how"? For example, if you sell cosmetics, it makes sense to find a professional, well-known make-up artist and offer him your product.

Create status
You need to sell not just a product, but also a certain status, lifestyle and lifestyle. Whenever possible, create beautiful lookbooks for your product. The shooting should not be an overview of the technical characteristics, but the emotions from the product. Your model should actually sparkle with them. People want to be successful, and you give them this opportunity.
To summarize, you need to create some value in the eyes of your target audience and invite local influencers to share that value.


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Nicely explained, especially the part where you gave the example of Mcdonals, many firms are doing it nowadays. Some are also using freebies or promotional giveaways as a means of attracting more customers.


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Thanks for sharing the marketing skills they are quite handful.I like the fact that by definition what you mean to create status is ensuring you have put all measures in place to so that at all cost the product will sale.Also it is a very good marketing strategy to have a brand or product that only you can supply to the entire marke.Take for example Telsa has been the only company supplying electric cars.They saw the target are have been successful in their projects.Even if a competition would come it still can't beat them because they will always produce something better.


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One way I know that owner of business create artificial demands of a product is through hoading to make the product a bit scarce and from there people will demand the product or the product will be in high demand before the bring them out for sale. I think it is a good way of creating artificial demands but the problem is always high price of the product. I have noticed this with canned products especially those that hardly go bad. But the owners aim of causing artificial demands for the product is always accomplished.