How Do You Start A Curtain Shop In Your City?


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Curtains are a kind of material that you hang on your windows. They are used for privacy purposes and they are still sold during the current times. There are many new designs of curtains and people seem to be choosy about curtains and this is why they come to curtain shops to buy and keeping a good quantity and quality of curtain is always a good idea. I am sure that curtain shops require a good amount of investments because the materials used to make curtain is not that cheap and you might want to rent a shop. I am not sure about what amount is good for this business, but have you ever had any kind of experience related to curtain business?


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Well curtain business is profitable in my city here in Nigeria but the problem about this business is that people usually prefer to have the shops next to the other seller that sell the same thing I.e, curtains. another thing is, if you are interested in this business just make sure you have some experience in sewing and get your machine at your shop so when the buyers buy the curtain they won’t have to go to the next shop to sew it and guess what?. Sewing of the curtain is another payment.

Good luck

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Curtain shop is not a bad business,A lot of people make earns meet trading or selling Curtain.You will hardly find no curtain in home you entered in this present age or time.Apart from the fact that curtain guide against sun or gives shade,it also beautiful our home given it a wonderful and fancy look which is the major reason people like it.


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I have a friend whose wife produces custom made curtains. She said that selling curtain materials is good but the storage is not easy because aside from the big space there stock area should be bereft of pests. With her business of buying materials and making the curtains as per the orders she earns good money with no headache.