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SFT21 is a brand, the name of our business and social community, which is the foundation of modern online franchising. Franchisors within SFT21 will be able to use our social network “SFtoYou” from time to time. They will participate in the improvement of SFT21 WebShop and thus take advantage of opportunities to pursue their interests. Members can use cryptocurrency as a means of payment inside and outside the system. Each member participates in the development of investment projects of InFace Invest groups.
CRYPTO CURRENCY It will be public and very innovative. We are bringing something new to the world of cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that this will lead to differentiation of the provider in creating opportunities for wider use.
SOCIAL NETWORK Sftoyou.com is a modern social network with an innovative approach to operation. Approximately 200 plug-ins have been used that offer network members new endless options and interest users in selling ad space in other options. The profits to be realized were distributed among the members in a predetermined manner. The profits generated by the social network are shared with the members of the SFToYou network. With this approach, we have created a new product on the online market, more innovative than the previous offer.
The SFT21 online store is currently operational and does not currently offer any other existing online store. Experts turn to hundreds of sellers of products and services in the market every day (eBay, Amazon, AliExpress…). In our online store, they will find a better and more functional approach to pursuing their interests.
INVACE INFACE INVESTMENT PROJECTS Invest Group are a constant task and mission of the company. The numbers INNOVATIVE investment projects are currently being prepared. With our projects we want to occupy an important part of the world market. We highlight a program designed for the development of startups.
For this reason, we have provided a 90-DAY WARRANTY to each member of the Inface Invest Group. During this period, it was possible to explore and prevent anything that might be of interest and allow for a better personal decision. Success of one person in the SFT21 system based on synergy and community of members of society. We are creating a community of new opportunities based on the values of the members of the InFace Invest Group.
A company dedicated to your success.

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