Review Government job or business ?

Noor Fatima

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There are many people which prefer goveent job because they give us pension also although it's charged from our salary but it becomes a source of some money in our future when we haven't enough power to do hard work on the other hand many people prefer to do business in business there is some risks of losing money first but if we settled our business appropriately then we get a lot of profit and we can gather a lot of money for our future so both things have different condition but I prefer government job what your opinion about it ?


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I am a Nigerian and so I will talk about this based on standards in my country. Government jobs smells of unprofessionalism and mediocrity although one would be guaranteed job security. I will always go with business over government jobs because I would get to practice my own version of professionalism. I would get to be above mediocrity and I wouldn't have to please bosses just to be in their good books.


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Lots of people will prefer the government jobs because of the high pay and the pension to thier own business which will require there time and Money to run.
Government works is high paying especially in some agency like custom,police and others
But that doesn't mean you can not run your business and also work with the government
You can be earning from the government and at the same time you will also earn from your own personal business


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Government job in Nigeria is not an opportunity for Lowe class except for the big politicians. The lower class are used as servant in government job while the big politicans extort money or rather loot money to fill their own pocket. In this stead, it is better for one to go into business in which he will have maximum control of his income and also wont be treated as a slave.


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For me, business or entrepreneurship is far better. No nation grows with majority of its populace been a government employee. No government work has ever been listed among the richest individuals in the world. It has away been entrepreneurs. Government job shouldn't be an end in itself but rather a means to an end. You can start life with government job, then subsequently leave and start your own business with your savings. Besides freedom that business gives, it affords one the opportunity to think, expand and grow. Lastly, your children can inherit your business but not your job.


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according to my own point of you as a well experienced business man how we say government job and business are both good but as for me I did not believe in job because as Time goes on I will get too retired and I will be at home, but when it comes to business business last forever and also you can hand over your business to your children whenever you are old. it can last from generation to generation


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one needs to decide what he really want and what makes him happy. so knowing what you really want will determine if one will go for government Job or business. Everybody cannot be an entrepreneur, though in the aspect of security Government job is the best but someone that has already made up his mind to start a business wont look at that


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It depends on the individual.for some people goverment job is better than businesse..for some business is better than to job..
In job income is fix but in business income is not can earn more than your investment..

Dora Wi

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It depends on where you live. I wouldn't choose a government job purely for the pension, especially because the pension system is looking very unsustainable on the long run and I don't want to place my trust in receiving money decades from now. At the same time, if we choose non-government jobs, we need to be aware of ways to save or generate income for our old years right from the beginning.


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As for me ,am also a Nigerian and I will prefer doing business that doing government job.
Government job in my own country do not have any base because after one might have work for good 35year they may not still pay there pension and gratuity which is very bad.
But if it a business no matter how why one will make in a business if the business is well manage in one month may even be more than some salary of government workers.


A few years ago, when I started my career as a self-employed individual, my income for the first few months was close to none.

On the other hand, my friends were already employed and were making INR 20–30k per month while the toppers were making somewhere around INR 60K-80K per month .

After about a month or two, I started making the same amount of money as my friends were.

Today I am at a point where I some days make in a day what my employed friends make in in a month.

Slowly and steadily my income kept growing, because my earnings were not capped by someone, instead my income depended on how much work I put in.

This is the beauty of being a self employed individual or starting up a business.

However, I would like to point out that it is not as easy to to as it sounds.

Starting a business/ being self employed is extremely challenging and stressful.

However, if you put in the work and do the right thing then it can be extremely rewarding.

If you want a stable and stress-free lifestyle then business is not for you.


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To me I will take the two, because I have many people in my place of work doing the two, they are government workers and they also owns their business, they are teachers and they also have their own employee , they go directly to their place of work after school hours, so it's normal to do the two together.