Giving a token for minimum purchase


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The token for a minimum purchase is getting popular here. I have noticed that it started during the pandemic era. When I get a full tank of gasoline the gas station attendant would give me 2 packs of special biscuit. That is their promo since last month and will be ongoing at the end of the year.

Another free token is from the grocery store by the gate of our village. For a minimum purchase they give a sachet of shampoo or a chocolate drink in a small carton pack.
If those tokens for minimum purchase will persist that is a big benefit for the customers. I would certainly go back to that grocery instead of buying in a supermarket with no token. With the gasoline for our car, it is a Shell station that is now my favorite.


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A little as that token might be, it has a way of enticing the customers, it makes them feel the firm or organization are thoughtful and have the interest at heart. Organizations employ these method because they know the positive impact it has on their customers and it wouldn't cost them much to give out such tokens.