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Important: Arensen, the official website for evaluating all forex companies in the world, the evaluation shown in front of you for this company or others on the site is based on deep research that we did at Arensen.
Among all the companies, we chose the best two companies to deal with our customers through them, namely the fxdd company and the icm company. Traders join us to exchange opinions and trade together with the same companies. But this does not prevent you from evaluating this company that you are looking for transparently, as it is a good company, because we are confident that most of those who visit our site join our community by opening an account through us with the three companies to obtain our indispensable services and it is preferable to deal through the Orensen website to ensure transparency and professionalism.
Note: Licensed Firms do not provide services such as Portfolio Manager, Recommendations or Portfolio Management, but rather trade on your own.

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