Female empowerment in corporate organization. How and Why?


Female empowerment is not just educating the female child, the scope is way broader than that. That is why organisations must also focus on financial inclusion via developing products tailored towards women. Companies must ensure they conduct business with more female entrepreneurs and companies with growing percentage of women in the management positions.

Company should attach strong importance to women economic empowerment and continuously ensures that women play important roles in the affairs of the company.

Companies should create space for clear testimony and commitments to equality and women's empowerment.

How do you think female empowerment could be given a different approach in a corporate organization?
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Female empowerment in corporate organization is a must because each gender must be treated equally. It is important because there is a general believe that male gender is superior than female gender and all should be given same level plain ground. This is also to encourage female participation in leadership role.


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According to my own point of view as a well experienced business man I will say a female empowerment in corporate organisation will be approached in a good way and also highly extended but this is if one of the corporate owner or majority of a Corporate owner are female they will see it fit to empower the female but if the corporate organisation are to be control by men I don't think they will see it fit to empower the female.

Ozigba Richard Lamai

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it is good to empower female female empowerment is a good initiative in organisation because it helps to improve female ability and also use their capacity for them to have high productivity in organisation.however with female empowerment he can be able to educate in the world to know that females who can also do better in terms of office works and organisational work women are not only made for the kitchen but they can also work and also sustain their family.


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Empowering women at the workplace means that women can have more control over their lives. This means giving them the freedom to make their own programs, gain new skills, and gain autonomy. Women empowerment is created when the strengths that women bring to the workplace are accepted and used. In today’s business world, leaders know the importance of empowering women at work. The power of women in the workplace is now clear


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I believe female empowerment should be equated with gender equality in the workplace. A lot of capable women are usually looked down on in the work place because of the cliche word “It is a man's world”. Females should always be given the opportunity to always prove themselves in the midst of a challenging situation. Female empowerment in the 21st century has improved unlike in the past.