Excessive Ads in the newspaper that looks effective


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If you are reading the online version of the major newspapers in our country, you would surely fall to a clickbait trap. The format of the homepage are in squares or rectangles for the headlines of the news items. But mixed in the squares are also some ads that are in squares that you will mistake for a news report.

The newspaper with the largest circulation earns so much from the paid ads considering the many readers would click on the “sponsored” ads that are mixed with the news headlines. There’s also a pop-up sometimes and all secondary web pages have more ads. It makes me wonder if the newspapers are now earning more from the ads than when there was no online version yet.


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The truth is that the paper form of newspapers do not actually sell a lot like the do before so a lot of this journal is normally results to the online way. They do not also have a lot of monetization options so a lot of them used ad networks and that is why you are seeing a lot of advertisements every time on their website.