Finance Ethics and Accountant


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What is Ethics?
Ethnics can be defined as any thing that have to do about morality and acting in a way that is morally justified.

Most individuals develop a sense of morality and act in accordance with what they consider right and wrong.

Accountants both students and qualified professionals are expected to behave in accordance with professional code is ethics and maintain standards of moral behaviour that are expected from a professional body.

We have :
(1)personal ethics
(2) Business ethics and
(3) Professional ethics are all relevant to how an Accountant should behave.

To practice ethics as an Accountant in some company use to be very hard some times and the accountant will be in a Moral Dilemmas either to bend the rule or not.

This occurs when there are often pressures on an individual at work to ' bend the rules' and act in a way that is not ethical.
Unethical behaviour might be illegal,but is often ' legal but immoral'.
Pressure to act unethically can create moral a dilemma.

Accountants are expected to act with professional ethics and should be prepared to make difficult choices( if necessary) when faces with a moral dilemma.

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There is no sane person that don't even know the implications of the right ethics. But there are many reasons why workers or let me say accountant may not be ethical. And the first one is if he's underpaid. An underpaid person may be tempted to involve in some ethical behavior like corruption just to augment his salary.