Elon Musk & Signal Advance : Misunderstanding helps in Business


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Signal Advance is a US based company located at Rosharon, Texas. Founded by Dr. Hymel, Ph.D. in 1992, this company manufactures medical technology components.

Till 2015, this company was rising and receiving awards, like 1st Prize in Goradia Innovation Competition (2011), Innovator of the Year Award (Intellectual Property Section) by The Oklahoma Bar Association (2012), and State Bar of Texas (2015). However, soon it slowed down and started losing. This company was running bear with a net loss of over 12.5k USD in 2919 and almost dead in 2020 pandemic, however a misunderstanding transformed it into billion dollar company.

On 7 January 2021, South African business tycoon Elon Musk tweeted “Use Signal”, and soon investors started investing in Signal Advance.

Musk was hinting at the Signal messaging app that was co-developed by WhatsApp co-founder Action. WhatsApp earlier announced an amendment in privacy policy which was unwelcomed by the users and everyone started looking for an alternative. Musk's tweet was only a hint to the alternative App and this misunderstanding by investors gave life to Signal Advance.

Shares of Signal Advance were never touched even $1, it was much below, but Musk's tweet made its value soar with more than 6k% rise. Although soon the Signal Advance CEO, Dr. Chris Hymel cleared the confusion that it is another Signal, and investors come to know about their mistake, however, this was a worthy misunderstanding and the Signal Advance stabilizes with market shares over $13.