Easy money | Get $5 for each recommendation | 50% revenue share | Payment proof inside


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Through the Bright Data affiliate program, you receive $5 (guaranteed) for each registration (with a verified email address) + 50% revenue share (up to $3000 per customer)

Here are the steps to join the program and start earning:

Step 1:

Create a Bright Data account.
Register using this promotional link: https://brightdata.grsm.io/proxy-offer
Also, there is a 7-day free trial (your choice if you want to use it or not). You get free $5 to test their proxy network.

Step 2:

Go ahead and register as a Bright Data affiliate (copy/paste the link in your browser): brightdata.grsm.io/new-referral
Complete all forms: name, email, etc.
They ask you how are you generating traffic. Respond with: "By posting on social media, blogs, and forums"
Also, they ask How did you hear about Bright Data. Write your answer: forum post, from a friend, etc.

Step 3:

Your application is approved.
Login to PartnerStack, (Bright Data affiliate platform). Grab your affiliate referral link and start promoting.

Step 4:

Get paid each month through PayPal or Stripe (your choice)


Do NOT skip any step otherwise, your application will be rejected.
Do NOT use proxy/VPN

Payments proof attached


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Haven't heard of the Bright Data affiliate program. When was it lanched? Thanks for the step by step guide to join the Bright Data affiliate program and earn money with it. It's nice to know that they have both Paypal and Stripe as their withdrawal options. But what exactly is the minimum withdrawal threshold on Bright Data affiliate program? I hope it's not to much. I like the idea of free $5 for testing their proxy network.