Earn money playng football online.. GOALTYCOON.



Good evening forum, I wanted to present you this managerial football game in which you can convert the game currency into real money.

Who among you has never played the various Hattricks, football managers or Top Eleven? Maybe even losing money .. instead here you have the opportunity to earn some.

In addition to being a managerial game, it can also be called "strategic". The proceeds from the club are not the only ones, in fact you can also earn from your ref (10% of the earnings), from the shares that are true and own shares which, if owned, earn dividends, etc.

I want to go into detail for a moment, I have about 3200 and I'm in the top 15 of the game, there are those who have 60k. The fund is divided to shareholders upon reaching the € 10,000 threshold and usually fills up within 30/35 days. For each share you are entitled to 0.01 €, imagine how much you earn 60,000 each month.

Entering the heart of the game, this manager ranges over any corporate field .. ranging from the construction of the stadium with expansion of seats, up to the management of the popularity of the team (an important element to sell more tickets at the box office).

The training to which each player can be assigned a different exercise to develop the various skills with the possibility of increasing their speed of development with TRAINER ASSIGNED ad HOC.

Once you understand everything, however, it will not take you much time, indeed it is very light and pleasant to play with.

Try it !! Here is my reflink to register if you want to thank me in part for presenting it.

Last but not least, withdrawals can also be made via Skrill or Paypal. As far as I am concerned, very important.


I state that, like any online game, you have to invest money (but it is not mandatory) to see revenues or have a lot of strength and patience and wait for everything to grow on its own. But in any case I will be able to help you at any time by giving you useful information to grow better.

Minimum threshold for payout: 20 €

Gain from ref: 10%