Earn Free Litecoin with instant payments & low $0.50 cashout.


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If you know your way around "get paid to" sites then it should be no problem to reach the $0.50 minimum cash out.
Payments are instant via litecoin. earnings are in fiat until withdrawal.


I will add more ways for users to earn, more surveys, offers etc.. and I plan on adding referral links with 3% earnings from refs.

Please don't assume this is a scam, I spent a over a week binge coding this site and i'm still improving on it. it's 100% legitimate and paying. No bs.

No fees for withdraws, instant payment, no verification.

I'd appreciate any vouches here after you withdraw earnings. just so people know it's legit.


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Thanks for sharing the details and also I will like to say weldone. I am heading to the website right now to check it out. I hope it is as cool as you described it in your post. If after I have registered and used the website, they truly pay me then rest assure I will surely come back here to share the payment proof.


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With the way you explained with confidence, it is to assumed thay the website is one of the websites to be checked out. Seeing the payment structure too confirmed that it is not really a bad idea to visit such a website but I would have loved to know the duration before one can cash out.


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Okay that's a nice idea as it can give an opportunity for people to make some money online but you should also state if it is a universal website that people all over the world can engage and make money because there are some survey website that only need people from certain location.i will check it out.. Thanks for sharing.


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I tried to check the website out to confirm what the poster said and to be frank the site is just like other websites that always promise more but deliver less. Though the website pays as the poster claimed but the fact is that it is as small as usual.


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1) You did not informed "how to earn" in your thread.
Faucet/PTC/Survey/Task etc what ways are accepted there? (Site informs only survey and offers)

2) I tried with Trust wallet LTC address, but the system detected it as invalid address. Are some LTC wallets not valid? Which wallets are valid?

3) Do you have any payment proof?