Do you want to make money on Facebook? you must read this article


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Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms to sell products and services online; In addition to being one of the cheapest options when it comes to paid traffic, in 2020 alone it already had 2.449 million active users. Even Mark Zuckerberg indicated that he would be investing millions of dollars in improvements to the Facebook ADS algorithm; This testifies to his belief that Facebook is increasingly becoming a better place to make sales.

On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing and CPA marketing are on the rise, because with the pandemic, businesses within the web took off, with these data in mind, the question is:
How is it that these new entrepreneurs manage to generate constant income with the sale of affiliate products or with commissions for other actions, ranging from Lead Generation to promoting apps to achieve new downloads?

The combination of both, that is, Facebook and Affiliate Marketing or CPA marketing provide great advantages to marketers, because in the first place they solve the number one challenge of all new entrepreneurs who want to take off their business, what to sell? Well, the affiliate market and the CPA market offer the first products and the second payment for shares that by definition; they do not require inventory; nor worry about domiciliary, nor delivery schedules, etc. And Facebook therefore offers a market to sell them and thus obtain commissions.

Note: it is worth saying that Facebook is only one of the dozens of options you have to bring traffic to your affiliate links or CPA, only that in this post we will focus on Facebook as a source of traffic.

However, there are not a few beginning entrepreneurs who end up disappointed when facing various obstacles, such as lack of sales or end up sanctioned (banned); by the platform due to lack of knowledge of the rules, and the violation of them; Well, when you enter a Private group and promote your affiliate links through publications without authorization from the group moderators, you are technically doing SPAM. Don't let this discourage you; You're just trying to make a living.

To avoid being banned or that your publications end up being denounced, sanctioned and put out of circulation by the Facebook algorithm and its team, here are some recommendations applicable to affiliate marketing and the CPA.

1). Familiarize yourself with the Facebook rules, because if you don't know the rules it is very easy for you to end up breaking them, because there are some that are very simple and no one would think that with a simple publication you would end up breaking them.

An example of this is that you cannot use the word "other" in your advertising. Something like "find others like you" is a reason for a Facebook ADS ban.

2). Read the rules of community coexistence of the groups before publishing, if they are very well structured private groups I recommend you do not publish there without authorization, because their moderators take great care of their communities, because it has been difficult for them to create them and this year within the new trends on Facebook it is paid advertising within groups, as this is one of the most powerful tools for the sale of affiliate products and the CPA. In another post we will discuss this issue more thoroughly.

3). Never directly publish your affiliate or CPA links, because being a link with a referral identifier it is very easy for the Facebook algorithm to identify it and you can even end up with the account banned. And it is worth saying that the Facebook algorithm is becoming more powerful for this purpose.
Special note: To publish on Facebook with the affiliate or CPA links, create a landing page that serves as a bridge between the publication and the affiliate or CPA link, said link must be on the well-marked bridge page.

You would have to write an article only of landing page types since the topic is for an entire monograph.

In the following article I will discuss the step by step of how to achieve your first commissions.