Do you think creation of many new coins should be regulated


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There are so many creation of new coins in the market and most are highly frustrating ,with some coins having just little or no amount of volume and are been launched on a daily ,with investors loosing a lot with their high rate and slow rate of volatility ,if its not been sorted out there might be a continuous increase In the amount of new coins been launched on a daily's and the negative influence it might have on those top coins like bitcoin and other coins that are on top exchange platforms ,most especially when scam coin are now been created and advertised on different platform just to scam peoples from their investment and one interesting part is that after those coins have been created they are not launched on top exchange platform giving investors fake hopes and others that they will be launched ,could there be a regulation on the amount of coins created or do you think I have its own advantage too ,I would like to hear your opinon concerning that too


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well as far as it does not break the rules of cryptocurrency then I don't see the need for it to be regulated but what you must do is that any cryptocurrencies that does not present a reasonable future potential or what they have to offer is a coin you should not try to invest on.