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Hmmm, are you sure there will be nothing like down payment, because all these your explanations seems somehow and will finally need something like down payment or investment. Also the dm part of this story is what I don't usually like doing. Thanks for sharing it though but you can reduce the font next time too.

Good luck

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It is possible to have or engage in an online marketing or business without investing any capital.though it may require you having a good phone and network that can work very have a lot of business like that does not need money to start.your service enough is as good as spending only need to be devoted and diligent.


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I know the post will end the poster asking people to chat before he can release the website. I don't know why people don't like sharing secret of making money free. When people lighten their candles using your candle, it won't affect your candle but your candle will be a source of light to their world. I guess the wise understand better.


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It is better you share the secret in which you use to make money on cryptocurrency game here other than asking people to come to your dm. Another thing is that your post is not well explanatory and I don't think a lot of people will understand what you are really talking about.


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It can be very hard for me to contact you as you don't even describe how the money making method will work in your write-up. This is a cheap and ineffective way to generate leads to the offer you are promoting. it is very important for you to prove to us that you have something valuable which you can offer us but I couldn't see any traces in the post you made.


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You should have given a clear explanation here on how this money can be made online so that a lot of people can learn and start making it .we do not know any sure way of getting in touch with you .I just think for transparency purpose everything should be just shared here so that other people can also benefit if you are really serious to help people


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I don't think there is no secret to earn free money. Every earning value has a hard work and scarifies. To earn anything you have to spend your time and money on that, after that it will return a good output from that. From my point of view, crypto gives you good earnings but there is also you should have to study on it by joining crypto chat room and ask anything on free of cost.