Choosing the right place for retirement


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For me, retirement means taking it easy with life. When I wake up in the morning what’s on my mind is what I want to do and not what I need to do. The ideal setup in my mind for retirement is a big land of at least 2 hectares in the rural town. It is not nature tripping for me but I just want the peace and quiet in a farm land. Life is slow there and if I have the money then I could buy anything that I want.

Retiring in the city is no good because there are many stressful things. First is the traffic, the dust, the noise and the negative things that I see in the urban areas. The cramped homes, the small townhouses that are like toys. I agree that there are many facilities in the city like stores and malls. But being there would only cause stress to me so I would rather have a simple life and I would conserve my resources when I retire in the rural area.


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Where retirement in a peaceful place would be really cool and many would dream of that. Though we dream of a peaceful life far from the chaos and noise of city life, we can not undermine the importance of other things too here. Retirement means that you are going towards old age and that brings set of issues like physical health issues and many restrictions arising due to it. One needs to make sure that the health and medical infrastructure is not too far. Though it would be ideal to live in a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle, there should be enough infrastructure and support in the surrounding to help one with the daily needs without the need to travel too much. Feeling loneliness i a major issue for retired. So, make sure rhat your social life stays active and also the place is not too far from your family and loved ones.

A lot of retirement properties are blooming in our country on outskirts of the cities anf they are beautiful. They take care of, stores, parks, ambulance, hobby clubs, picturesque landscaping etc. And it's all within the same campus. Such would be the ideal place for me. These properties are reasonably priced and it's worth putting our savings there.


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It is really important for one to choose a nice place to spend time during retirement. Personally, I am just like you, I prefer to retire in the rural area more than In the urban area. This is because of the nature and bliss in rural areas.

Also, a retired and probably old person requires a place to just relax and not get affected by the pollution, noise and high crime rate that is normally present in urban areas. Rural areas are free from all that.

Also, the rural area is a great place for one to get good natural food with all nutrients and safe water to drink. Therefore, a retired person can just take care of their health through proper feeding. They can also stay active by doing a little gardening often.

Moreover, the rural areas is a great place for people to conduct ceremonies and family gatherings. I believe that as people get old and retired, they want to spend more time with family and friends. So the rural area is a great place to invite them over.


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It is very important to plan for retirement, by making provisions for it anytime especially during service years. I am still young, not fully employed but a freelancer at the moment. I've started making plans for the future and also for my retirement time, even if it will occur in the next 45 years lol. I am not given it a slow down, I'll go gradually saving from my own little income generation and hitting it up from there, by owning a dream business of my own offline, and also online, gradually I'll be expending in my business endeavors. It wouldn't work over night for me, it takes time to build finance up, and have a perfect retirement time. I am also dreaming of owning a real estate investments that will consistently pump me money to service my needs when old age hits me, such will make it complete retirement for me.


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I have already started making plans for my retirement, I could remember when I was much younger I use to write down dates and always set a time frame for myself as to when I would have achieved some particular things in my live but sometimes I don't get to fulfil as it appears impossible sometimes to achieve them. And many of those target I later discovered they were not realistic as time passes bye. So on my retirement I had set a time frame for the preparation towards it. And I am keeping to my target on this because I know what it means to require and not having anything to fall back on. It will be a disaster indeed and I don't want that to happen. I could see how those who had served in the government in various capacity eventually fell back to nothing at the end of the day because their pensionsare not been paid to them. And I wouldn't want that to be my case and I don't want to depend on my children to provide for me at that time as they will also have their lives to live aswel, so I wouldnt be a burden to anyone.


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There are some important points posted in the above posts and they are quite relevant. Like everything else in the life, retirement also needs a good planning in place. It's an important milestone in the life's journey and one should invest some good time to plan it well and ahead of the age. Many people these days plan to have an early retirement to enjoy life. So a meticulous planning is needed to have financial security before one retires. Also to have a retirement home in the place of your choice will need money and some time invested to find a good place that best suits your expectations. And one needs to weigh all the pros and cons before making a decision for the place. So, it's better to start sooner on the project.
Well, all that is planned might not work. That's true with any planning in life.But then one needs to have a plan ahead yo have a direction and not get lost. A little steps in terms of planning, exploration and execution will make sure that things are better placed when one retires or decides to retire.


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I would love to have a small place when I retire, just with lots of large open spaces for rearing of animals. I also don't like a noisy lifestyle but one that's too quiet is also not attractive enough. At an old age, having people around you can be therapeutic.

That's why one of my retirement plans involves real estate, purchasing lands and developed properties as soon as possible when I get a job. This way, I can sell one to get a property of my choice when I no longer one to work. It will also provide an income source for normal day to day expenses.


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At the moment, I have no plans for retirement. I am thinking to work until my body and mind allow me to work. However, if I decide to retire, I would be retiring in the countryside. There are a couple of reasons why I want to retire in the countryside. First of all, I would be spending my entire youth, adulthood, and middle age in the city, and in my old age, I would want a quiet place where there is no hustle and bustle of the city. Secondly, retirement means I will have less income, therefore, I need to look for places where the cost of living is relatively low. In the countryside, the cost of living is obviously low compared to the big cities. Thirdly, retirement means old age, and in old age, I need fresh air, sunshine, and green living, countryside offers everything required for old people. Fourthly, there would be nothing to do in the city in my old age, however, in the countryside, I can do a lot of things such as raising animals and birds, growing vegetables and fruits. I have plans to buy farmland in the countryside so that I can go back to my farm.