Can you provide at least three legit money making website?


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I first started out with and it's actually the first online website that paid me the first dollar I ever earned in life. It wasn't a big amount that I earned on my first withdrawal, I think it was just $30 but I felt so happy that it seemed like it was $30,000 that I earned.

It was after a while that I was introduced to postloop and it has ever been a wonderful experience for me because I have earned quite a lot ever since I joined postloop. I have also introduced a few of my serous friends who want to make money online to postloop and Theforumwheel, they have settled in just fine with working on both sites.

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I'm quite interested on Can you tell me more about it and how does it work? I want to explore new websites that have an opportunity to earn. I was amazed that you've got $30 dollars as your first paycheck on that website. I am looking forward to trying it too soon. Any tips from you will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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Hi! Good day everyone! You have come across with the right person! Hahaha. I am currently "in love" with these kinds of sites and I have a lot in me to share. Here's what I have to share to you guys. Let me introduce to you each item.

In this particular website, you can earn .04$ per unique visit. Minimum withdrawal is from 1$ and direct to your bitcoin wallet or paypal account (I highly prefer this option but there are many options to withdraw). My first account was blocked that's why I started a new one. So if you have so many friends to visit everyday, that's money bro. I guarantee you.

You just need to watch videos in order for you to get a ticket and win the lottery. It's highly random reward so it is only winning by luck. 5 correct genre of videos = 1 ticket. From 10 videos and up, 2 correct genre of videos = 1 ticket.

More likely the same as Baymack. Snuckls i think is now down. In here, you also watch videos for coins. It's much easier to win here because you can earn instantly when you have enough coins to join the lottery.

The current one that we are using. You need to subscribe/register to other forums in order for you to gain points. POINTS = CASH

This one, is a site to offer your skills where you're good at. I currently earned 13 AUD just by copy pasting names + numbers + links of clients that the employer wants me to do. So I suggest you use this as part time/full time job. Up to you.

This is a ETH-based altcoins. You just earn by signing up. Free of charge. No investment needed. Purely effort to do so.

These are the ones that I'm currently using. Sharing it to you guys! If you have more questions, just quote this and I will answer you. Good times!


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beermoneyforum, snuckles and upwork. but for me, upwork is much more reliable and looks professional. Because you need to advertise your self to get client and to earn. It's looks like that you also applying for a job through online, and your work should above their expectation to get more clients.


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I'm mostly on paid to post sites because of lack of skills,a lot of sites that are high paying needs one with skills like fiverr,upwork and there are legit and paying.

The ones I have payment proofs are post loop,forum coin,money gold forum, beer These are paid to post can try them out if you are interested.


Hi guys. newbie here. Let me share my ideas about money-making websites. First is Postloop, of course. I have a friend who continuously earn money while posting on forums. Second is Upwork. Here, you can find countless freelancing works. However, the competition is superb in a way that most of the applicants have many virtual services to offer. And thirdly, gotranscript. This site is for those who want to be a transcriptionist. By the way, transcription means converting audio or video file into a text format. So here, you've got to be an active listener.


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Those are helpful, Now anybody knows if there is a legit website that all you have to do is to watch videos and earn money? oh, there are also those websites that all you have to do is listen to songs and you can earn money as well. I have heard some of this but to no avail. If there is such thing, really, that would be an awesome thing to do to kill time and earn money at the same time.

KO Trivia - Just download app, register and join trivias which are played continuously 24/7. I've been playing for a month and for the past 30 days I've won a $130 barrel shack bag, $50 barrel shack gift card, $5 Amazon Gift Card and about $15 in PayPal money.

AIP Rakuten - Go to their site and register, it's a survey site, I'm earning $5 a month there. Just make sure to make a good profile to get lots of surveys.


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This is one I am going to try! I saw a review yesterday and am very impressed! 12 Minute Affiliate System! Check it out! They basically do everything for you... lol I cant wait!