Crypto Can We Use NFT Tokens To Sell Any Digital Item?


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NFT Tokens are one of the most interesting kinds of tokens that can be used for selling many digital products such as online files, artwork, in-game products, etc. They are mostly used in the digital world and we can say that they are one of the most popular currencies in the digital world. There are many platforms such as Open sea that offers people to sell their artwork for NFTs. Some platforms even allow people to sell in-game products for NFTs. Since the popularity of NFTs is rising, I am sure there will come a time when people will be dealing in NFTs even more than they do right now. However, I was wondering if NFTs could be used to sell other items such as websites, articles, in-depth research papers, academic essays, etc? I have never heard about someone selling such things through NFT token and I am not aware of any platform that allows you to sell such stuff, so this is why I was wondering. As far as Open sea is concerned, I have never seen someone selling websites or articles on their platform. So can we use NFT token to sell anything that is "digital", not necessarily a physical product?


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If it will be posible to nft-ize the digital assets it will be posible to trade it like a nft...BUT nothing prevent bow someone to copy the nft of someone else and post it again except the goodwill of the folks from Open Sea ..