Business Start-up lawyer


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Many people want to open business and always want to make profit but we neglect the necessary things that's suppose to be the first thing to do.
Using Nigeria as a case study you hardly see someone having a start-up lawyer before he or she engage in the business of choice, unlike in the united state before you engage in any business you seek for start-up lawyer that will guide and put you through.
i dont know if it is in there law or it just fear of making profit. If it is in there law why can't we adopt it in Nigeria.


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I think , the issue is the need for the lawyer. What will a cloth selling business need lawyer for prior to starting the business ? Or laundry business .

There are some Businesses that may need lawyer before they can start fully , example is the real estate business ,where the lawyer have to make sure that the documents if the land are all original , fully signed and the land surveyed and sent for confirmation to the right channel , in order to prevent future land dispute.

However , a businessman may have to involve a lawyer before starting a business , if their any transaction made , example if he bought a shop from someone else . This is also to give him assurance that the shop is now his own.

Outside these scenario , there are some Businesses that do not really need a lawyer before it is started .