Boost your Sales with Twitter


Twitter is a popular micro blogging platform and a social networking service with lots of users all over the world. It is free for all and you can create an account for yourself without any difficulty.

Like various other services of social media, there are opportunities to increase your sales through Twitter, if you use it in a right manner. There are a few tips on how you can use networking.

Twitter is a micro blogging platform that can boost your sales. The easiest and quickest way to take advantage of Twitter in marketing contexts is to have it and use it as a source of information.


I think twitter has a lot of triggers for the anti spam. So it would be pretty difficult to go with the sales on twitter. You can drop the link among the community of your choice on twitter. But if they report your link or the account. You would not be able to post link or even open new account if they ban you. They have pretty good amount of the program for the spam collection. I personally think that twitter sales approach or say even the affiliate marketing would be harder.

The more you try to find out the loopholes, the twitter is going to patch those holes and make it harder to market you there. I think you can't use the links directly there. But you can make use of the link to your site and then have it redirect from there. That is something you can do as well.