Bitcoin's future, according to Skybridge, is bright.


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There are multitudinous companies and people that are starting to turn invested in rainbow cryptocurrencies and with each one that's starting to get involved they're having their prophecies when it comes to the possible future of the coins, resemblant as bitcoin. In a recent news theme, it seems that the instituter of the sky bridge company has a lot of faith in the bitcoin cryptocurrency stating that he believes that this coin will turn the reserve currency for the entire world in the future. What do you suppose about this and do you suppose that it would make sense to have crypto as a reserve fund considering that it isn't swayed by pretension?


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Of course almost everyone now believe that Bitcoin is not a crypto currency that should be waved aside anymore. Everyone except the Chinese government that is, exactly why China refuses to acknowledge crypto in general is beyond me. But I don't if using Bitcoin as a reserve currency will better the economy of nation's involved.


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We don't need anybody to tell us that bitcoin has a very bright future. A coin thay has been doing well ever since it has been long almost 12 years ago. And ever since then, it has never left the number one position despite some countries either regulating or banning it


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Yeah he is right Bitcoin future is bright ,with so many company accepting the use of it and so many countries looking forward to legalise iti see the coin growing more in coming days , anyone who want to benefit from the coin more needs to just invest ahead and benefit more