Benefit of papaya leave, pawpaw leave


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Pawpaw leave Is a delicious food that bring you good health, the remedies to that your illness may just be in your garden

Reduce mestral pain* to relieve this pain take 6 pawpaw leave and put it in a littre of water then boil them for about 15 minutes and be drinking it

Diabetes treatment* pawpaw leave work great with diabetes patient it can enhances insulins sensitivity while decreasing your ALT and AST reduce complications caused by diabetes

Makes labor easy* get pawpaw leave squeeze with water and drink it to fast track the labor at 9 month.

Acne remedies* just use pawpaw leave to mask your face ,you can smash it and blend it to rub your face,

Grate laxative *if you have already suffer Ed constipation pawpaw leave may help you make it has tea boil it for like 10 minutes


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Papaya leave have so many benefits to people are using it for postrate cancer some are using it to dilate during before labour


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Papaya leaves also called pawpaw leave have been making ways for people to cure so many diseases eg prostate cancer, malaria and others