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Attention to new information
Infaceinvestgroup company registered according to all international rules.
It creates a business community based on the franchise model. The vision of the company is the success of each individual. A unique concept that guarantees everyone earnings and success. In this system, you do not depend on your work and earnings are guaranteed because it is the result of synergistic work of all 22,000 members of the company. Automatic software enables automatic filling of the binary matrix where everyone is guaranteed success.
Our vision is to create a community of free people with an emphasis on the individual. Because nowadays they live somewhat modestly while only 5% of people live above average.
The company Infaceinvestgroup wants to create a community of free people because such a community does not exist in the world.
Our company has an online franchise SFT21 has an online social network and has a payment processor and in a few months webshop is coming to us and it will be a wonder of the world.
It will have an integrated Crypto currency in its system.
The question is when does the earnings start? Earnings don’t come overnight.
Each franchise owner participates in the development and promotion of the company and in the development of all projects and participates in the distribution of profits.
There are hundreds of networks that we have all built, but only the owners of these mega companies take the profit.
We are the first to start it in a slightly different way if you are a visionary dreamer who has a vision or if you are a person who wants to participate in something big in something that does not exist that is created in a completely authentic way subordinate to a community of small people who will become free.
Our vision is to help small entrepreneurs, small people, entrepreneurs, local communities.
We offer them a huge network of online shopping platform guaranteed by consumers and huge marketing because they are less and less competitive due to globalization which cannot but result in success.
Our main main project of our company is SFT21 FRANCHISE is our own social network. Sft web shopm and own Krypto currency and own payment processor.
The first Sft21 project is also the brain of the entire system of automated profit-sharing software throughout the company.
Profits are distributed through a binary matrix and we are the first company to distribute profits through a binary matrix to its franchisors and those owners of their own business in the company.
The matrix is automated and does not depend on the human factor. Profit is distributed according to a predetermined mathematical formula.
The company matrix looks like a funnel that each subsequent row has twice as many positions as the previous one. These are filled in by arranging the next position in the first free space in the last row of the binary matrix. Everyone is guaranteed success and it cannot happen that the system crashes. Each user in the company's binary matrix has their own binary matrix and earns from it from 2 bonuses. With a bonus of your direct members 10-50% and a bonus of members in your binary matrix 5% of all 2048.
Positions in the matrix are not members but wallets with real money of members, business entities, humanitarian accounts, system accounts.
Our matrix does not depend on the registration of new members. Profit of incoming projects will be the main causes of growth of our matrix System accounts will contribute to the self-sustainability of the system and it is this self-sustainability of the matrix that does not depend on the number of new members gives the difference between us and other companies where there is stagnation of registered members. .
We have bypassed those problems that other companies have. On the Internet, we are creating a system of safe and fair distribution of profits.
A characteristic of our social network is verification. With that, the company solved the problem of all social networks. And those are fake profiles.
Franchisors will be paid for activities on our social network. And the profit will go to distribution to all members of the company. While with other networks, the profit goes to the owners of those networks and we all created them.
Our webshop differs from other webshops in terms of functionality. No webshop brings its customers the option of making money through the same.
This option will only be offered to us franchisors.
The webshop will be publicly available to everyone and only franchisors will have the opportunity to make money.
Businesses place their products in the company's main store and from there they will click to transfer to their store. Each franchisor will have their own webshop and their own domain. The part of the earnings we earn in the shop we have to spend in it.
We have a ready platform of sellers on one side and buyers on the other.
According to this, so far, according to an unprecedented model, marketing and sales of products and services have been ensured. A cryptocurrency is being implemented in the complete system, which will also be a means of payment.
In addition to cryptocurrency, it also implements its own payment processor. With this project, the company completes its vision for the first 3 years. After that, all future investment projects will be implemented in the system and earnings are distributed through a binary matrix. And we are the first company to start with such earnings through a franchise and we are 100% sure we will make a revolution in internet business.
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