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Appfun rewards app and Bitcoin.

I don't want to use any aggressive marketing tactics, so I will show you a quick explanation of how much value this app can bring to you. Our website:



Reward app with the best earning opportunities!

We have prepared a high paying offers for people from top tier countries.

But if you are from a lower-tier country…

You can earn with us even more by completing simple tasks!

Make a blog post = 5 $ PER ONE POST!

If you are a blog or website owner, then create a blog post about our app to earn 5 $! Hurry up! Limited offer!

Make a post about app in facebook groups = 0,30 $ PER ONE POST: *Unlimited*

You will get paid 0,30 $ for each post! This task is also UNLIMITED FOR ALL USERS. You can submit as many posts as you want, but you need to follow the task rules.

Monthly Referral Contest = 100 $ FOR TOP 3 AFFILIATES

Each month three people with the highest amount of the active referrals in the particular month will be rewarded with 100 $ added to their app balance!! For each referral, you are entitled to 10 % of their future earnings for a LIFETIME.

Post a thread on the forum = 1 $ PER ONE THREAD!: *Unlimited*

To get 1$ post a thread about appfun on the active forum. This task is UNLIMITED FOR ALL USERS. You can create and submit as many threads as you want! Remember that you need to follow the rules of other people forums, and you need to post a thread in a related section of this forum.

Upload a youtube video about our app = 1 $ PER VIDEO

If you have a youtube channel, you will get 1$ for each video testimonial about our app. This task is limited to 1 per week so you can earn additional 4$ per month. It doesn’t matter where you come from.

1 $ Bonus for beermoneyforum users

Post your app nickname here on the thread, and I will add 1 $ to your account!

Minimum payout = 1 $

That’s right you can check if we are legit and make a payout right after completing just 1 task! Cash-out via bitcoin and gift cards!

Rewards sent in 24 hours!

You no longer have to wait several days days or even weeks to get your payment like on other rewarding apps! That makes you focus on doing tasks, collecting referrals, and in the mean-time, you can stop worrying about your payments!

How is this possible?

We don’t want to spend money on high budget advertising campaigns and give it all to big corporates like google or Facebook. Instead, we want to create a group of engaged users that will help us to get onto front of other people… and we will reward this group like no other rewarding app would ever do.

Enter Ref code XKEYACC earn 1500 Fun coins.