A welder is a blue collar specialty career that can earn good money


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A blue collar job is not preferred by the younger generation because it is not glamorous and the salary is low compared to the office job. But that is just an impression because our government agency that provides free training for short courses on blue collar jobs said that most of their graduates are earning as high as the salary of an office manager in a big corporation.

But the lure of the blue collar job abroad is unquestionable. Especially in the Middle East a welder can earn so much that some welders who worked for 5 years abroad were able to buy their own home now (in our country). The welder is the main worker for the iron works. The craft is quite rare abroad.


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I think all this depend on the country and the type of services that are needed in a particular country ,there are some country that mechanical engineers may not be appreciated like the United States and Europe. people who are mechanics and likely to make so much money because their services is on high demand in the country.its depends on location.