1. Suba

    Crypto What's Floki Inu (FLOKI)?

    Floki Inu (FLOKI) is a token meme (ERC-20) similar to Shiba Inu, created by the Doge community, Floki is the name of Elon Musk's dog. Floki Inu launched on exchanges since August 2021. The Floki Inu token is built to be hyper-deflationary by burning multiple coins in each transaction. It also...
  2. spcrypto

    Cutting Through The Noise, Gain Protocol Fills The Gaps

    CUTTING THROUGH THE NOISE, GAIN PROTOCOL FILLS THE GAPS BY CREATING A SECURE STATIC REWARD TOKEN Over the past year, there has been a major shift in how big investors interact with DeFi protocols. According to the latest figures posted by Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange...
  3. Good-Guy

    Crypto Is It A Good Decision To Invest In ChainLink Token?

    The chainlink token is now gaining a lot of popularity in the recent period due to the fact that it is one of the top 10 coins that are actually performing well right now in the crypto world. Chainlink gained an increase in the value of up to 6.5 percent in the seven day period, despite the fact...
  4. Good-Guy

    Crypto Do You Think "Coffee Coin" Will Prove To Be A Good Coin?

    During the current times of digital era, we have been witnessing the creation of many different crypto coins and digital assets such as tokens. I am sure no one would have thought about such kind of massive digital revolution. Last month a new kind of coin called "Coffee coin" was launched. The...
  5. N

    Earn Money Crypto-paid MD-Simulations next to crypto mining

    Hello everyone! We are a startup called Neonious Biotech. Our mission: "We are building the largest network of computers running molecular dynamics simulations, rivalling expensive supercomputers built for medical research." The idea is that we are building a network out of people who would...
  6. Alexandoy

    Giving a token for minimum purchase

    The token for a minimum purchase is getting popular here. I have noticed that it started during the pandemic era. When I get a full tank of gasoline the gas station attendant would give me 2 packs of special biscuit. That is their promo since last month and will be ongoing at the end of the...
  7. Suny

    Earn Money A Simple Question- Have You Ever Joined Airdrop Program?

    Have you ever took part in any crypto airdrop? If yes, did you ever get any airdrop worth mentioning? You will be surprised to note that there are various legit websites that provide you with a full crypto airdrop calender, token, detail of the cryptocurrencies, and other related information...
  8. Daykas

    Which airdrop or token do you think will pave way up.

    I have been thinking it will be doge coin or other like wave,Eos and so on But have come to realise that there are some airdrop worth investing into like the free coin,SPF. Which coin will you advise someone who's new to crpytocurrency world to buy and invest hugely into
  9. T

    Who is interested in making money in the crypto market?

    Kryto exchanges and platforms are mostly centralized but the danger of being robbed is great see Kucoin. Is there another way? Yes! Do you want to know how? ;)