house insurance

  1. Wole.K

    Property Insurance Plan and Reimbursement

    Property insurance coverage is a type of insurance policy that gives financial reimbursement to the owner of the property or the person who rent a properter and its contents, in the case of theft or damage. Property or home insurance policy may include property owners insurance, tenants...
  2. Wole.K

    The cost of Property Insurance Policy?

    The cost of property owner insurance policy usually will depend on the worth of the house and also the cost of items in the house. The insurance policy is actually a legal written agreement between the insurance company and the insured. However, claims as a result of thunder or wind storms or...
  3. Grabo

    About Contents Insurance

    Contents or items insurance is usually aimed towards tenants, although is actually an insurance policy that everybody should look at being a minimum level of cover. If you are rent a house or property, your landlord will be responsible for covering the building itself, but not your valuables...
  4. Grabo

    Why you need building insurance policy and Land load Insurance

    If you have your own house or you are leasing (renting) out a property or home in that case you will need to have buildings insurance policy. Your home loan will normally include this as condition, so without having insurance policy in place might place your mortgage and your own house at risk...
  5. Grabo

    About Buildings Insurance

    If if you're a property owner or house owner - or you will soon become a house owner- then you need to think about having a buildings insurance coverage. Despite the fact that it's not a legal requirement, many loan companies insist that you should get buildings insurance policy to cover the...
  6. Mr.Zion

    What Home Insurance Policy Covers?

    Home Insurance Policies or Homeowners insurance policy is categorized into three - structures, Combined policies and material (items). Buildings insurance policy covers the blocks or bricks of your house. Combined insurance policy will help minimize the cost of home insurance coverage, but they...