1. Rosseyi

    earn big income with crypto LBC. The crypto of the future

    earn big income with crypto LBC This is a cryptocurrency that is growing rapidly, three months ago its value was $ 0.05 and now it is around $ 0.20, bet on it, this crypto has a very big future, it starts now. LBRY does with the post, what Bitcoin did with the money. Too easy. Join top...
  2. T

    Receive $3500 To Trade No Deposit

    Do you want free money to trade? Well I found a trading site that will give you $3500 to trade. You do not have to make deposit. You can trade Crypto, Forex etc and the have fast withdrawls. this is not a gimmick. I have made over $20000 so far. If interested or have questions please reply.
  3. Haypril

    Share Your Journey As A Crypto Currency Investor.

    I won't have to define what Crypto currency means or what it stands for because it has gained popularity in the country and even doubled it popularity when the ban was announced by the CBN. My first encounter with bitcoin (the most popular Crypto Currency) was in the year 2016 during the time of...
  4. Akinwale701

    Bitcoin or Ethereum - which one should I choose?

    I currently have an amount of 1,000 USD on my PayPal account which I am thinking of investing in Cryptocurrency but the problem now is that I do not know which one to go for between Bitcoin and Ethereum. I need your opinions on which one to choose. Thank you for your contribution.
  5. Ahmedo24

    Effect of price productions on bitcoin.

    At every point in time the price of Bitcoin is never stable and people keep predicting it especially on the high side to an extent most times these predictions to come to existence or reality. Personally I have observed that predictions on Bitcoin price has helped bitcoin to grow remarkably...
  6. springtech

    Trading Cryptocurrency

    With this post I hope to open your eyes to see what you are missing by not trading. What is trading in Cryptocurrency? Just as the name implies, trading involves buying and selling of cryptocurrencies (assets/coins/tokens). It employs the very basic principle of economics where a trader buys...
  7. springtech

    What was your worse cryptocurrency decision

    I remember i had the opportunity to invest about N5,000,000 into cryptocurrency but I didn't i was simply buying bitcoin for Investment purposes. Though i made profits, but i would have loved if I invested that money for a long term, i would have become a billionaire now. Lol. Just imagining...
  8. Alexandoy

    What is the source of crypto currency and how does it multiply

    My orientation is the bank where money is created by the central bank. With crypto currency I am at a loss on the source of the crypto currency, how is it originated and how does it multiply. There are more than 1,600 crypto currency at the last count and to be honest I am still quite ignorant...
  9. springtech

    Have you ever lost your bitcoin to a scammer?

    I have heard of people who lost good money to Bitcoin scammers, some even lost their bitcoin in the process of selling to someone in a whatsapp or telegram group. Have you ever had any such experience or witnessed something similar in a group. Let's discuss.
  10. springtech

    Is it too late to invest in Cryptocurrency

    Cryptocurrency is currently having the best of times, most especially with Bitcoin and Ethereum prices racing like never before, do you feel it is too late to invest and cash in on the obvious bull run? Or are you currently taking advantage of the market? What is your experience in the market so...
  11. marcusfe

    Can you predict what the price of bitcoin will be in the next 6 months?

    Presently the price of Bitcoin has hit very close to $40k and it still on the increase. Bitcoin has been making such a huge price gain for sometimes. Even in the year 2020 many were so sceptical whether it will sustain the thrend to the end of the year or to early 2021 but now many people have...
  12. Augusta

    Need to generate a new Bitcoin Address all the time

    You know with bitcoin, one needs to use its wallet address to receive money. This is just the way it is, it isn’t like our bank account that we use our bank details and because this is mostly done online, one needs to be very careful. Experts are of the views that it is better to always generate...
  13. btaliat

    Bitcoins is becoming unaccessible.

    Do you notice that it is now difficult to buy bitcoins ever since big companies like Square, MicroStrategy, PayPal, and even Mass Mutual. This means if you have bitcoin it is better to keep it with a great care and treat it with a lot of love. The activites of this giant companies means there...
  14. Kinglegend01

    Bitcoin or bitcoin cash?

    I think all of us knows what the cryptocurrency bitcoin is and its worth presently. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto. It is a very popular cryptocurrency right now that is presently worth $47,793.90 right now...
  15. Petitebaby

    easy work to get bitcoin cash

    Simple job to earn litecoin 1. Open the Google Play Market on your phone 2. In the Search box type the following text: "litecoin wallet" 3. Find an app among results. You can see app icon at webpage: 4. Install this app on your phone 5. Open the app 6. Click on the...
  16. Ahmedo24

    Next person or company to invest in bitcoin.

    The year 2020 was a great one for bitcoin and most other coins in the Crypto currency market as more Investors either as a company or individuals invested heavily in them and this trigger the price for good. Notable companies that invested in bitcoin in 2020 include PayPal, microstrategy...
  17. raaman

    Trading in Bitcoin

    Bitcoin, which was more profitable than investing in gold in 2020, fell from its peak of $ 40,000 in January 2021 to $ 10,000 in January 2021 for a variety of reasons. By the end of 2020, which was seen as the longest continuing growth path in Bitcoin's trading history, many Bitcoin investors...
  18. IamDozzy

    Tesla finally accepts Bitcoin payments

    It is no longer news that the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk invested $1.5b into Bitcoin and his company is ready to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. Tesla updated its investment portfolio to provide a more flexible option to optimally maximize cash returns that would not be required to...
  19. Naz

    Is this good time to buy Bitcoins?

    Bitcoin's price is increasing again but still it is a confusion for new investors. Because last time when Bitcoin was at 40k$ I invested some money in it... After that day, it's price fell badly from 40k $ to 32k $.. And it took long time to increase the Bitcoin's price . This change is not...
  20. Augusta

    Gains of making payments with bitcoin

    Despite all the issues that we might be confronted with when payment with Bitcoin, but it's advantages outweigh them. Especially when it comes to the fact that you don't need to carry bulky amount of money around like with fiat currency. Another gains include being able to transact business...