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  1. Danbrilliant

    Credit For Post Not Added

    Good morning admin, I replied to two threads yesterday being 21/01/2020 but I wasn't credited for it. Please, I'll be glad if this can be resolved. Thank you very much as I await your response.
  2. Danbrilliant

    Payment proof 1st payment received

    I received my first payment today. I am very happy and grateful to the admins for bringing up such a great platform here. Thanks alot.
  3. Danbrilliant

    Asking for First payout request

    Good day sir, I am here to make a withdrawal request of $4 to my Bank account. Bank account number : 0246322695 Bank account name : Nweze Daniel Chinedu Bank name : GTBank
  4. Danbrilliant

    Don't let friends kill that dream

    What kind of friends do you keep around you? Do you tell them your dreams and plans? Do you even have people you look up to in pursuance of your career goals? There is a common saying which says, if you show me your friend, I will show you your future friends. Some people who call themselves...
  5. Danbrilliant

    Don't let age force a career on you

    How old are you? That's one question that makes alot of people shiver. You know, when you are younger, and you are asked your age, you will happily say it, maybe 7 years, or 11 years, or 15 years, etc but as you grow older, some et of people begin to hide their age because they are still below...
  6. Danbrilliant

    Mistakes in choosing a career

    Today, a lot of people have made career mistakes that are very hard to correct now because of how old they are or how far they have already gone in such a mistake. Sometimes, this mistake comes by studying the wrong course in the university. Many students choose courses because of the name...
  7. Danbrilliant

    When choosing a job, watch your health

    Do you ever think of your healthcare when accepting a job offer especially when such job has a health risk something. I remember last year when I interned in a pharmaceutical industry. It was a wonderful experience but I noticed something risky to the health of workers in the packaging...
  8. Danbrilliant

    Pursue your career with focus

    As a young and vibrant student who is hoping for a better future and career, focus is what you must not neglect. Today, there are so many distractions that can kick you off balance or make you lose focus in what you desire. Never settle for less because of salary, always look up to that goal...
  9. Danbrilliant

    Why you should study hard at school?

    Alot of people have this kind of mindset or belief that school is just scam and they just want our money. Sometimes, I pity for those who think this way. Well, people who think this way are mostly students who are not doing well academically or those who found a way of making money while still...
  10. Danbrilliant

    Should salary influence you from accepting a job

    Should salary actually influence you from accepting a job offer. This question is what many do ask themselves. However, I will advice a recent graduate not to look at the salary that much before accepting the job offer. Yes, always remember that a recent graduate, you just came out of the...
  11. Danbrilliant

    Never get tired of shooting your shot

    I hope this inspires you. Yes, because you could be at the point of giving up but don't. Always believe that you were born to win and not lose. This world is simply a competition and Survival race and everybody wants to win. I remember writing my first scholarship exam in 2017. I was optimistic...
  12. Danbrilliant

    Why you shouldn't depend on one job

    There are so many reasons why you should not just depend on one job. Even though the job is very well paying, you can use the money from it and startup a small side business. I remember when I was working as a tutor last year being 2020. During that period, I got another online job where I was...
  13. Danbrilliant

    Leaving your job for a scholarship abroad?

    This issue has always been a bone of contention for many. Even me, sometimes I do think of this question every week. Can I leave my well paying job to go study abroad? It's not an easy decision to take alone because you have to way both sides and see the merits and demerits before choosing...
  14. Danbrilliant

    Flexibility of chemical engineering career

    I remember vividly well, when I was younger, around age 11, my dad always wanted me to work in the oil and gas industry. He believed that, there was were the main money is and companies like chevron, Mobil and other IOCs pay their workers very well. When I got to the senior secondary school...
  15. Danbrilliant

    Medicine as a career: Things to consider

    A few things to think of when choosing medicine as a career path... Yes, alot of youths or young aspiring children look at doctors and nurses and wish to be like them but they do not consider the process required to attain that good height. As a student who wants to study medicine as a career...
  16. Danbrilliant

    Considering Engineering as a career

    Chemical engineering Here are simply Things to consider before choosing a career path as a chemical engineer. First of all, you need to ask yourself who a chemical engineer is and what do they even do. Then, after you check if this aligns with what you really like or hope to do or achieve. You...
  17. Danbrilliant

    Fitness Coach Business

    I love the part of fitness coach so well. It is one type of business that if your clients are doing very well, it will attract more people to come to your fitness centre. It is indeed very very lucrative. Even though, you have the money to build a fitness centre and you don't know much about...
  18. Danbrilliant

    Academic Success For A Better Career

    The popular saying that "Exam isn’t a true test of knowledge" has become a normal sentence that most of us here must have come across at one point especially at school, work or in public. Alot of people are very fast to say it mostly to justify their bad and awful academic performance, lack of...
  19. Danbrilliant

    Make money with skills

    Alot of people want to make money and there are several ways to do this. Money doesn't just come within you doing something or giving value. One golden way to make money is to get certain skills. Why I called it golden is because once you know a skill, it cannot be withdrawn or taken from you...
  20. Danbrilliant

    How to beat competitors and earn money

    Everybody wants to make money, everybody wants to venture into one business or the other. But there are certain things which we overlook and seem important to the survival of our businesses. Some of these things to look at are; 1. Competitors: In every product you sell or service in which you...