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  1. Chibson

    Payment approved Payment request

    Good afternoon @Fecoms I wish to withdraw $4 from my balance. Accno: 0800119801 Access bank Ebenyi Chibuike. Thanks.
  2. Chibson

    Are you satisfied with affiliate marketing?

    You are definitely very right on this. if you are starting affiliate marketing as a problem solver then there is a possibility that you will go a very long way in making a whole lot of money from it. You first of all need to provide value for people before they can actually pay for it.
  3. Chibson

    About Car Insurance Policy

    Car insurance policies sometimes looks at the value of the car you are actually insuring. I think when the value of the car is very high then the premium will be high also. this is because when anything happens to the car the insurance company have to cover for the losses. So looking at the...
  4. Chibson

    What if you need a caregiver in your old age?

    it is actually very important for people to start early to plan for their old age because that will go a very long way in making them live a very good life. Sometimes it is not actually very good to depend on family members to give you care because they too have their own lives to live. So...
  5. Chibson

    Accident insurance in the workplace

    People that mostly needs this kind of insurance are factory workers because accident may occur at any time. this actually reminds me of someone who died sometime ago while working for a factory because of the malfunction of one of the machines. companies or factory he should try as much as...
  6. Chibson

    Why You Really Need Medical Insurance

    Health insurance is definitely one of the most important types of insurance if not the most important because health is wealth. I have someone who is a national health insurance scheme. There a lot of benefits to that because federal hospitals collect very little amount of money whenever she...
  7. Chibson

    Business Insurance What step can we take in cancellation of policy?

    Definitely there are times when people will no longer feel interested in insuring any of their properties or health. Some of this may be caused by breach of terms and conditions or agreement by the insurance company. There are people that may feel uninterested at certain points because the think...
  8. Chibson

    General insurance Rating agencies in insurance company

    there are many parameters that should be considered when you want to rate an insurance company. First of all it is important you have come in contact and have an agreement with such insurance company. and again their ability to deliver to their promises promptly and make the necessary...
  9. Chibson

    General insurance Risks management in insurance

    This is actually one of the reasons some people consider insurance as a gamble. After paying premiums for the policy you have applied then such occurrences do not actually happen, you will definitely lose out. it is also very important for people to try as much as possible not to get into...
  10. Chibson

    General insurance how much does an insurance agent make?

    Firstly it is dependent on the kind of insurance company he or she is working for. I don't think there is a particular fixated amount in which an insurance agent can make. But definitely they make a whole lot of money if they are professional what they do and they are pretty popular as well.
  11. Chibson

    General insurance Can someone get rich selling insurance?

    Definitely many insurance companies are million dollar insurance companies. They make a whole lot of money because they are customers pay premiums to them and they actually do not compensate everyone because not everyone who will be involved in accident or any form of losses. So yeah they are...
  12. Chibson

    Auto Insurance Is Auto Insurance Good For Hoverboard?

    Does that really make sense and what kind of compensation do you expect from them. Is it leaving you a compensation when your hoverboard is spoilt or what exactly. I wouldn't advise anyone to go into this kind of auto insurance because it will be a waste of time and resources.
  13. Chibson

    Life insurance Is Joint Life Insurance worth investing?

    The truth is that joint insurance has advantages and disadvantages as the case may be. First of all, there must be a proper agreement between the two insuring parties. one advantage is that the premium will be lesser on both sides because they will be contributing and the other is that the...
  14. Chibson

    General insurance Is insurance a savings or investment?

    Insurance sometimes may be considered as investment and sometimes saving but I think using shaving is more appropriate because what you paid for is actually what you are going to get. Investment means your money will increase in value or the compensation you are going to get will actually be...
  15. Chibson

    Auto Insurance Is auto insurance a liability?

    Personally if I am not a transporter or someone who travels a lot then there is no need of me by an auto insurance because it may be useless after all. sometimes some people consider insurance as a liability and not investment because of this kind of cases. But generally it should be an investment.
  16. Chibson

    Auto Insurance Does auto insurance cover theft?

    I think there is usually agreement and policies so that will definitely cover that but the insurance company must have enough conviction and you must have enough evidence that your car or auto vehicle was stolen. the insurance companies has the responsibility of investigating such claims before...
  17. Chibson

    General insurance Is insurance business profitable?

    The business is profitable no doubt. one thing you must know is that the company is looking for ways in which they can make profit and not losses and that is the reason why they always make thorough investigation before compensating anyone. This is because there may be cases of arson and they...
  18. Chibson

    Auto Insurance Does auto insurance cover bicycle accidents?

    I think it depends on the kind of agreement you have with the insurance company. This is because there are some policies that may include bicycle accidents especially if you are the one that is riding it as someone have stated up there . Auto insurance have something to do with anything...
  19. Chibson

    General insurance 4 top reasons you would need to hire an insurance broker

    It is always very important for newbies to hire insurance brokers whenever they want to go in my insurance agreement because they will give the much insight about what it entails. there are many people that do not really understand sometimes and conditions associated with insurance before going...
  20. Chibson

    Auto Insurance Auto insurance policy

    Actually good and it meant even though you didn't really go into much details. There are a lot of things associated with auto insurance and people must understand this very well before going into any policy. There are some that happens when there is bodily injury as you have stated.