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    Do you see starting a crèche profitable?

    A crèche is the foundation of every child to attain someone in life. After nine months of carrying a baby,immediately, the child arrived and as a working class mother who is also engage in office work,may not be able to stay at home with such baby for long. The maximum time such mother will...
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    Payment approved Third payment request

    I hereby request for my third payment request. Account name: Oruru Christopher Eguono Bank name: Gtbank Account number:0240463598.
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    What are the measures to take in choosing a business

    Business is what people engaged in to make income or earn some wages which is a means of income. Business is very wide and it can be done in so many ways especially when it comes to buying and selling of goods and services. Business also help one to have a very good idea of how to plan some...
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    Is dealing with laptop computer profitable

    Computer is an electronic device that aid typing of documents and it is used to get information about new innovations. There are different types of computer: We are desktop computer,It is a computer with separate CPU,which is the central processing unit.This is the brain of the computer.It has...
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    Payment approved Request for second payment

    I hereby wish to request for my second payment.To be paid into the account number below: Gtbank:0240463598 Oruru Christopher Eguono.
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    Support Banned account

    Please,I was banned for violation of rules . But I actually did not know the rules I violated. I apologize for any violation I must have made. Please, unbanned me. Thanks in anticipation. User state: Valid User is banned No matching spam trigger logs were found.
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    Payment Declined Request for second payment

    UI hereby request for my second payment of $4. Account name: Oruru Christopher Eguono Account number: 0240463598 Gtbank. Thanks
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    Is it profitable to sell Dogs

    Dog is a domestic animals which have a lot of benefits Apart from being a means of security or serve as a security to the house.It can also go to the bush to hunt animals for its owner. Animals hung by dog for the owner can be consumed,l mean it can serve as meat to the family. The owner of...
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    Is clothing business lucrative?

    Cloth is one the major necessity of life.Apart from shelter,where you can lay your head and food to keep your system well and healthy.One thing you can't do without is what you put on to cover your nakedness. Clothing is got from one of the major cash crop we have which is cotton.Cotton is one...
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    Payment approved First payment request

    Please, I Desire to request for My First payment of $4.00. Account number: 0240463598 Account name: Oruru Christopher Eguono Bank name: Gtbank. Thanks
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    Is coal business profitable

    Coal is another form of energy.Coal is used for cooking and it is used in industrial automation service today.Before the use of gas or Kerosene. The use of charcoal is very essential in our society. People in urban areas tends to use coal in cooking and doing their business. Some people said...
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    General insurance Is it possible to insure ones property like Shop

    Insurance company has really helped a lot of people far back in the past and it is still very much functioning.We have various types of insurance.we have Car insurance where one insured the car Incase of accident. The insurance will bear the cost of fixing the car and I think this also depends...
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    Which kind of Job will you recommend for someone who did (Yoruba) in tertiary institution?

    There are various forms of occupation in our country. Someone who studied Accountancy in tje university or any tertiary institution is bound to probably ventures into business of buying and selling or probably get a white collar Job like working in a bank or any financial institutions or...
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    Is selling Uk used phone and accessories profitable

    Phone is a medium used in communication.It makes communication easier and faster.Phone is the only reason why Nitel,Nipost,etc are not really functioning as such again. Phones and their parts are very much in circulation. Fat back in the year 2001,when was brought to the country by one of our...
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    Which course will recommend for someone that is in commercial class to study in tertiary institution

    Tertiary institutions is a place for higher studies,students that have gone through high school or second school.Basically the system of education is sub divided into three categories when you are in high school They are: Science class,This is a class where you have a good knowledge of...
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    What is the major problem of telecommunication business generally

    Communication is the process of passing information and idea from one person to another. Communication makes it easy to reach out to people worldwide easily.A lot of people or individual are into communication business and it has serve as major means of earnings for people. We have both modern...
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    Loans Is it possible to get a loan at a very low rate of interest like 2%

    Loan is capital one need to Start up a particular organization or business.. people get loan to buy properties and later put it for lease or sale. There various issues when it comes to getting loan from Bank or cooperative. The issues are as follows: Banks Paper work.You need to do a lot of...
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    Is running a bookshop profitable?

    When we talk about education generally,everyone needs both textbook and notebook.Technology is advancing by the day infact a lot of elite tends to go through online to get information. People go as far as reading a whole textbook on their tablet,phone or desktop computer,though this is for...
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    Why is it that we have more of than B.ed in private school.

    Private schools have large population of teachers in most countries.people don't really patronize government school probably because the way it is been handled. Government schools used to be the best then because most of our leaders in my country attended government school and there are lots of...
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    Are Schools that tag their schools Montessori school really practising it

    School is a place where formal education is being acquire.A place or environment where learning takes place.It has to do with learning how to read and write.It has to do with how to be literate academically. There are various schools with different curriculum.Curriculum is a guideline to follow...