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  1. marcusfe

    Earn Money Raising Capital for your business as an Africans

    I've come to understand for many years that there are many opportunities out there for entrepreneurs especially the young ones in African countries to raise capital for their businesses. My greatest concern and surprise is that many are not aware of these opportunities. Information they say is...
  2. marcusfe

    Payment approved Third Payment Proof

    My third payment request of $5 has been credited. Thanks trendri.
  3. marcusfe

    Where is the best place for a newbie ceypto trader to start?

    I'm a beginner in cypto trading, though ive read different news and articles concerning cryptocurrency trading online but I must say that I'm not so satisfy with it because I'm kind of sceptical since money is involved. I read that some platforms are just there to exploit traders due to their...
  4. marcusfe

    Payment approved Third Payment Request

    I wish to request for the third payment of $5. My account detail is stated below. Name: Esan Marcus O Acct: 0037480188 Bank: GTBank. Thanks.
  5. marcusfe

    Which Alcoin has the potential to generate high profit in this May?

    Thank God we made it into a new month. It's a new month indeed and it's high time we started thinking of how to make more money. In the previous months, I've been watching some altcoins which I see have a very high potential of making a huge return on investment. One of these coins and that met...
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    Payment approved Second Payment Proof.

    I've received my second payment, thanks to Trendri. I'm glad we are back and stronger.
  7. marcusfe

    Payment approved Request For Second Payment

    I'm requesting for second payment of $10 into my GTBank account details in my profile. I wish to let you know that I'm having $13 in my account which is beyond the mandated benchmark on individual account. This is because of the accumulated earnings from refers. I'm very glad to hear that...
  8. marcusfe

    Bizdustry is back and stronger

    Bizdustry is a make money forum where members can talk about business, economics, finances, budgeting, investing and anything Crypto related. Members earn 0.02$ for every message they publish and 1$ for each member that is referred to the forum. We strive to provide the best quality content and...
  9. marcusfe

    Making money is the first thing, managing and keeping it is the greatest challenge.

    Making money from Whichever mean is not a very hard thing to do. No matter how little or much we all make money on a daily basis. There is absolutely nobody on earth who does not spend money daily no matter how little, this is an indication that we all make money daily. Many people see making as...
  10. marcusfe

    Where is the best source for tech and programming news?

    Programming is one of the best digital skills to acquire these days. There are many benefits to be derived from being a tech or programming savvy. This is a journey I have threaded before and I can tell what it all entails. Acquiring a tech skills is not easy neither is it day job. In fact...
  11. marcusfe

    When is the best time to start planning for retirement?

    I've different people with diverse opinions on this matter. Many said it is better to start after 10 years of getting a job p, some said it is better at the fifth year while some said it is better few years towards retirement. I personally have a different opinion from all these. I believe...
  12. marcusfe

    What are the biggest mistake people make when saving for retirement?

    Adequate planing for retirement is the best thing that can happen to a man. Those who fail to plan for their retirement end up their lives in unending regret. While it is good to plan for retirement, many people are doing it the wrong way. Wrongly planning for retirement is like not planning at...
  13. marcusfe

    In starting a new business which is more important, money or idea?

    We all know that money is very important in achieving anything in life, that is the Holly Bible says " money answers all things ". Starting a new business requires putting some important things in place, if those things are not available or complete, I don't think that one is ready for business...
  14. marcusfe

    Why do most rich people act weird or have a weird habit?

    If you have ever come across or have anything to do with a very nagging or weird rich person, you will know frustrating and insulting they can be. They don't care about your personality, worth or value, they will just mess you up as if you are piece of trash. I've met with one like that who want...
  15. marcusfe

    What is the right age to start giving little children financial education and how?

    Financial education is very important for every human being irrespective of status or the job we are doing. Many people have blown many opportunities in life due to lack of financial prudence. It is good to impart this knowledge into the life of our little children as early as possible so that...
  16. marcusfe

    Is it a good idea to borrow money to payback a loan?

    I've see a lot in this life, while I thought some there were bad ideas and some are normal. There is another incidence I witnessed recently. This happened in a particular cooperative society I belong to. A woman came to borrow some money with the hope to start her repayment the following month...
  17. marcusfe

    If $7billion bitcoin is placed for sale, who will buy it and where will the money comes from?

    Ever since the invention of cryptocurrency, I have never heard that there has being a particular transaction that is too big to execute. There are histories of many multi million or billion cryptocurrency transaction all over the world but my greatest concern is where does this huge amount of...
  18. marcusfe

    What does it mean for a country's economy to shift from fixed to floating exchange rate?

    I'm directing this question to the economic experts in the house and I want as my as possible who are well informed about economic and financial to give their point of view as well. I've heard several times when some economic analysis were advising the central bank of Nigeria sometimes ago to...
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    Payment Request My 1st Payment Proof.

    I have received my first $5 payment request. Thanks Trendri.
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    Asking for 2nd Payout Request

    I wish to request for my second payment. Below is my details: Username: marcusfe Account No: 0037480188 Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank Name: Esan Marcus Olufemi Amount: $10. Thanks.