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  1. btaliat

    Earn Money Online Money Making Ways for Beginners

    That's a nice business idea. The only thing about YouTube is that it may he slow especially when we start but surely it will pay off soon. We only need to be patient, persistent and consistent as we keep going. And we need to choose the right choice when it comes to choosing niche in YouTubing.
  2. btaliat

    What is difficult about blogging?

    The most difficult part of blogging is selecting the right niche. It is usually difficult most time to tell what the users really want. While we may be thinking they want entertainment because they are young, they may even be interested in retirement planing. That's why I consider this stage the...
  3. btaliat

    Is blogging better than youtube?

    The two work the same way. The only diffrence is that they use diffrent channels. They are both passing information to their users. But while one is using visual, the other is using written. Before we can conclude the better out of the two, we need to consider the audience. What do they really...
  4. btaliat

    Is blogging a waste of time?

    To some one who doesn't know what blogging is al about, it will always be like a waste of time because at times, no user will even feel free to make use of comment box. This may happen if the blogger doesn't write some captivating stories that can demand the participation of users.
  5. btaliat

    Can you do blogging with a mobile phone?

    Before the sophisticated phones were even introduced, I know of people including me who did blog on phones then. We used word press to create template then. Though it was not that easy to blog on phones but it is very possible. If there is no cogent reason to blog on phone, I can't advice people...
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    Earn Money Make money testing websites

    Though I wish to have tried this website out to check out what the poster said about it. But the poster didn't give example of such a website. Besides, there are many websites that I am working on of recent which makes it impossible to combine and work effectively on these websites.
  7. btaliat

    How to avoid back Pain while working on Computer?

    I could remember when I was taking a course on posture when I was in a college, I learnt how the table and chair we sit on while working with computer can affect us. Since then I don't really like sitting on a chair that I can easily lean on while working with my computer.
  8. btaliat

    General insurance Is it hard to sell insurance to people?

    He should have done that since. That's the reason we need to consist location while setting up a business as risky as insurance company. To be frank, I don't think I can work for any insurance company because I don't think I can go through all the stress of looking for investors which may be...
  9. btaliat

    Auto Insurance Is auto insurance a liability?

    It is not all instance we need to purchase. In fact, we need to make sure that the probability of having the events happening is very high. If the event is not that high in probability, then there may not be need to go into such insurance policy. Auto insurance is better done by a frequent car...
  10. btaliat

    Life insurance Is Joint Life Insurance worth investing?

    Yes the insurance may be very expensive since it covers for the risk of two people. But it will be easier to pay since the two people may agree on how to be paying the money without any form of cheating. The only problem is that what if one person is not always cooperative.
  11. btaliat

    Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

    There is increase in this act because of the lifestyle of their parents. Most parents nowadays are not responsible enough to know that their lifestyles can really affect their children. I have seen a nursing mother still taking alcohol. This is hit alone, they don't really know how to read the...
  12. btaliat

    Breastfeeding to Babies

    Civilization has eroded the effectiveness of breast feedings which is the worst thing to have happend to making. Human breast consist of colostrum that prevents various diseases not only at infant but through out the life of a human being. In fact, one of the religious books recommends 3 years...
  13. btaliat

    Business Ideas Which business is good in winter season?

    Someone has suggested a good business idea. Selling sweater and umbrella is one of the fastest and selling business during the winter because of the cold weather. But to be frank, I don't like selling seasonal business. I like it when my business is sold in all weathers. And not one weather only.
  14. btaliat

    General insurance Is insurance business profitable?

    Insurance companies is not a charity company as many people will erroneously belive. They don't give out money like a Santa. They always sell insurance policy that they know has low low chance of happening hereby be collecting premium on those policies even when they know they might not even happen.
  15. btaliat

    Do affiliate Program Payout In Cryptocurrency?

    I don't think affiliate marketing or even big affiliate marketing like Amazon and others will make crypto as past of their payment platform for some reasons. First, crypto is not able to trace and they won't want to use what cannot be traced. Also they prefer PayPal because of its security
  16. btaliat

    Earn Money Why creating your own blog can make you a "guru"

    Creating a blog is one of the ways we can make ourselves independent nowadays. However while creating a blog, we need to do it out of passion for blogging and not really with the aim of making money. And we should endeavor to have the right niche we want to be blogging on.
  17. btaliat

    Earn Money Make money online using ClickBank

    I know click bank to be one of the fore runners of affiliate marketing program. And to me personally, money can be made on this platform without even using short cut that the poster is trying to tell us. I don't know why I do feel using all these methods as a cheat on the website.
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    General insurance Is it hard to sell insurance to people?

    You are right. People that want to sell insurance must make sure they target the rich and mostly business people. These are the people that usually make insurance their target. Invariably, people that want to sell insurance policy must look inward to the cities where these set of people can be...
  19. btaliat

    The Ideal Business for Students

    There are many businesses that students can do these days. As we have affiliate marketing program, we also have blogging and other online businesses. But I do advice to choose the business that won't rally affect their studies. These can be done by choosing the ones that won't take much of their...
  20. btaliat

    Earn Money Stock Investment for Beginners

    Though there is a bit of difficulty in stock investment especially if one is not well grounded in the financial news in the country. But just like crypto investments they both need to be trained for us to know the right coins to invest on. Just that as we can learn crypto all by ourselves, stock...