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  1. Queentener

    Health Insurance Should Be Subsidies And Mandatory In Every Country

    Health is defined as being free from illness, diseases or virus. There is a common saying "health is wealth" which is very true, because if your body is whole you will be at peace and eat what you like not what is prescribed. Why I said health insurance Should Be subsidies and mandatory is...
  2. Queentener

    Was Grant Given to Business Owners and Low Income Earner's During The Pandemic In Your Country?

    The covid-19 pandemic was a tough one in my country and all over the world, it affected the economy of my country and the world at large, resulting to millions of people lossing their Jobs and means of lively hood. It affected business owners and low income earners more in my country, and the...
  3. Queentener

    Payment approved FIRST PAYMENT REQUEST

    Good afternoon Admin @Fecoms ,I am requesting for my first payment of $4 My account details are below Account number:0123567957 Account name: Ogunshola Busayomi Gbemisola Bank:GTB. Thanks
  4. Queentener

    Get Paid To Reviews on Get Paid to Post Sites

    Hi, my fellow trendri users. I recently got to know about get paid to post sites, a week ago to be precised, I was introduced to trendri and bizdustry. But I discovered there are a lot of other get paid to post sites, which is why I created this thread. I will appreciate if you can tell me about...
  5. Queentener

    Asking for FIRST PAYMENT

    Good morning Admin,I am requesting for my first payment of $3 Here is my account number Bank account number :2002216270 Bank name : Kuda Bank Holder's name : Busayomi G Ogunshola. Thanks
  6. Queentener

    What are some functions on vehicles that many people use incorrectly?

    Most people immediately hit this button when they enter their hot car on a warm day. Many simply leave it on all the time. That’s the “Recirculate” button. It causes your ventilation system to close the outside air intakes, and simply recirculate the existing air in the car. When people press...
  7. Queentener

    Is cryptocurrency investing halal or haram?

    I am no economist nor a financial adviser, but I do believe that I understand some basics about what money should be. Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, claim to be the new money (or something like that). But at the very essence, their value is very much tied to the FIAT monetary
  8. Queentener

    Have You Heard of 1688?

    Interested in going into importation business or you are into it and you have not heard about 1688 or bought stuffs from their site, then you are missing a lot. If you are into importation and you buy your goods from China, and you are not using 1688, I must say you have been cheating yourself...
  9. Queentener

    What do you know about palm oil business?

    Palm oil is one of the most lucrative business have ever done for me,do you know that you can make x 4 of a capital when you reverse and palm oil let me explain how it works, you buying when is march you keep at home and when it becomes hard start selling so in in the year 2015 I was lucky to...
  10. Queentener

    Investing or owing a Business which would you prefer?

    I love doing business, and have been into it since my school days, I must tell you owning a business is not an easy task, but if you love owning a business you will not mind the stress all you will be looking at is the greater picture of making the business successful. Investing/ investment on...
  11. Queentener

    Is relocating overseas to make money a good idea?

    Recently I have been contemplating on looking for greener pastures in the abroad, although I know it is not easy anywhere but I feel leaving my country will be better, because to be sincere it hasn't been easy. Graduated from school eight years ago and up til now getting a job is hard since I...