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  1. Profwriter

    Business or employment which do you prefer?

    For me, business comes with great risks and uncertainties and if you reside in an economic milieu where there are hash government business policies and low purchasing power of the inhabitants, you are bound to face severe troubles and challenges that may negatively affect your business and cause...
  2. Profwriter

    Why do employees misbehave?

    Alot of people complain about behaviour of some employees, some are very overzealous and they stray away from lay down business ethics and others are so bitter that they are working in a particular establishment for someone younger than them or someone they think is less intelligent than them...
  3. Profwriter

    Why do most business die with their founders?

    Very few business have lived for centuries, a simple Google search will reveal this, its interesting to find out that most of the oldest companies or business in the world are in Japan. What could they have been doing that led to the sustenance of their business for centuries even after their...
  4. Profwriter

    Whats the most profitable business to do?

    There seems to be a connection between how much profit you can ever get from your business with the line of business you do. When you take a look among the most richest business owners, majority seems to have their business in a certain niche. The most richest business owners by my own...
  5. Profwriter

    Does constant changing of staff affect business profit?

    In overhauling a dying business, there is need to let go of old hands and inject fresh blood into the system. Most coys do this often and most of the time. The purpose of establishing a business is to make profits and not to satisfy employees, employees satisfaction is secondary because the...
  6. Profwriter

    What is the connection between employees and company profit?

    Some people say that whatever happens to the employees in a business organisation will affect the company's growth potential and profit making. There be many others who holds a different view, they believe that business grows due to proper administration and management and not necessarily...
  7. Profwriter

    Payment Request I have received my first payment.

    Thank you fecoms and the entire trendri team. I got my first payment and I'm super excited. Thank you once again.
  8. Profwriter

    Asking for First payment

    Hello Admin, thanks for setting this up. Here is my account details. Name of bank: First Bank Nigeria Account Numbers: 3143020296 Account Type: Savings Account name: Charles Ahuose Misheal Amount requested $5 Thanks in anticipation.
  9. Profwriter

    Business recovery after convid? How fast is it.

    How fast has your business recovered in this post convid era? Is your business moving slowly or very fast and what are you doing to accelerate the speed of progress of your business? I think it's only a few individuals or business owners that will claim not to have witnessed the impact of...
  10. Profwriter

    what your business would have been without convid?

    Hi guys. Truly there was some sort of economic collapse last year, no thanks to convid 19, but then let's make some assumptions or projections of what life or business would have been without convid. Alot of people keep talking about the losses convid brought, most especially those who are in...
  11. Profwriter

    If you had 100million dollars, will you invest or retire?

    Economics told us that human needs are insatiable but I think that's only theoretical and not practical because I strongly belive that once one has eaten to his full, he won't be interested in any meal offered to him no matter how delicious and appealing it is. I don't belive that one has to...
  12. Profwriter

    How are you making money in this post convid era?

    2020 has gone with all its troubles but the effects are still weighty on business and families, alot of people had sad stories about the trails left behind by convid 19. Some lost their loved ones, families, friends and relatives as well as business. The worst hit were struggling businesses...
  13. Profwriter

    How about making money early and retiring early?

    It is true that people become rich and wealthy at different age, some were able to make money legally at an early age others had thiers at old age. It's nice to know that they all made it out of poverty and penury but nothing truly can be compared to making sufficient money at an early age...
  14. Profwriter

    Can your current business make you rich?

    Enterpreurship is the fastest way to get wealth ,ike many people say, there are only few individuals who got riches by working and these include, politicians majorly in Africa and footballers who play in Europe, no other person gets rich by working for someone or the government. In most cases...
  15. Profwriter

    Did you invest your first online income?

    I belive every one here or nearly everyone here earns money online. Some of us are newbies in the system and maybe a good number of us have been making money online for a very long time. Regardless of when or where you began to earn money online, can you remember what you did with your first...
  16. Profwriter

    Share your first online money making experience

    Today is the first time I earned money online, I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to earn online. I attended paid classes, lost some real good money in the process. The pain, the disappointment and all regrets faded away when I saw my credit alert showing the wages for all I...
  17. Profwriter

    What is the shortest possible legal way to make money

    I have seen, read about people who made money early in life and some very late in life while others died in poverty. Many years ago, my friends and I had a twisted view about money, we thought that once we grow bigger we will become richer and the erroneous mindset was that making money comes...
  18. Profwriter

    Made my first online money in Litecoin, should i hold or sell

    Hello everyone, It's always exciting to be here and to interact with one another. I'm from Nigeria and recently the government placed a ban on cryptocurrencies which is currently affecting people who earn in cryptocurrency negatively. I recently got paid from an online site in Litecoin, if it...
  19. Profwriter

    My investment destination is real estate, what about you?

    My preferred investment destination is real estate. My love and passion for real estate has no bounds or limits and i can barely think of any business that can compete with real estate. As long as the earth remains, the problem of accommodation will always be there and it is the dream of most...
  20. Profwriter

    Is trading cryptocurrencies a business?

    I believe that business is simply the exchange of goods and services for money but I wonder if that definition can accommodate that of cryptocurrencies. In trading cryptocurrencies, I don not really see what is being exchanged for, it's some how an abstract form of trade. If you trade in the...